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The Inner Genius Membership

Life is unpredictable. We can always expect the unexpected. We can always expect contrast.

And the one thing 90% of human beings struggle with is navigating the contrast and maintaining inner peace in the midst of it all.

This is why I created the Inner Genius Membership.
It is spiritual insurance for the mind, body and soul.

I’ve created the Inner Genius Membership to provide YOU a spiritually structured, sacred and regulated environment to help you learn how to listen to and trust YOUR inner genius so you feel safe in navigating the unpredictabilities of life with ease while maintaining an unshakable inner peace.

Think of me as your spiritual roadside assistance!

My goal is to teach everyday men and women how to live an extraordinary life of freedom!

And the Inner Genius is your trusted resource for do-it-yourself guidance on living a successful life free from emotional distress. It took me 10+ years to finally start being able to live my life unconditionally. To be free from:

  • codependency in relationships
  • neediness
  • jealousy/comparisonitis
  • depression
  • stress
  • lack mentality
  • financial stress
  • anxiety
  • addictive behavior patterns
  • toxic and abusive relationships
  • manipulation
  • people pleasing
  • physical distress/pain
  • victim mentality

And now I want to help you master it too! I have spent the last 5 years on a mission to infuse the spiritual tools, wisdom, resources and mindset shifts I used to break free into the minds, hearts and souls of the thousands of men and women who follow me online daily and work with me individually.

The Inner Genius Membership is full of my archived teachings, preachings, writings, step-by-step processes, guidance, transformational homework assignments and wisdom for you to access at any time on any subject, in any area of life.

The Inner Genius Membership is a do-it-yourself teaching forum! Everything you need all in one place whenever you need it. So if you’re feeling:

  • blocked from moving forward
  • stuck in an unhealthy behavior pattern
  • weighed down by negative self-talk
  • heartbroken or in emotional distress
  • confused by your lover, partner, significant other
  • tormented by all the happy people around you
  • tired of trying to figure out how to breakthrough your struggles alone
  • done with the anxious feeling and mental abuse you constantly feel inside yourself

This space is going to help you deepen and solidify your beliefs and understanding of what is happening spiritually.

Build your confidence and strengthen your trust in yourself.

So when life happens as it always does, you are able to rise above it with ease, grace and faith!

Through deep spiritual principles made easy and relatable for you, all the answers to life’s questions exist in here for you. With my refreshing take on spirituality and my laugh-out-loud funny way of delivering it to you, the Inner Genius is the “Best Of” my wisdom wrapped in a pretty, organized (OCD-like) package for you; right at your fingertips, no password required, one-click away for when you’re out, in an emotional emergency or just need to be reminded of your power!

I have cultivated an environment for you to grow your inner genius.

Do you want to STOP…

  • freaking out when bad shit happens
  • believing the other shoe is gonna drop
  • panicking when something goes wrong and having to call up your friend, therapist or coach to talk you through it
  • feeling powerless, limited and broke as fuck
  • people pleasing and letting others use, abuse, manipulate and control you
  • pretending you have faith
  • playing victim to your circumstances
  • complaining, comparing and tormenting yourself

I am here to teach you how to see the bigger picture in your life.

To teach you how to be in the contrast of your life, career or relationship(s) and be calm as a fucking cucumber because you know exactly what is unfolding FOR you and you have the simple tools to navigate it without spending a dime on another guru.

Do you want to FEEL …

  • calm no matter what is unfolding around you
  • peaceful inspite of your circumstances
  • content in your life, business +/or relationship(s)
  • an unquestionable happiness for life
  • empowered to always make the right decisions for yourself
  • unbreakable strength in your spirit
  • unshakable faith
  • a natural appreciation for everything
  • excitement for what’s next
  • safe and supported inside of yourself
  • zen as fuck
  • magnetic and powerful to create anything you want in life

I am a master at spiritualizing any area or situation in your life. 

My purpose here is to teach you how to trust you.

  • There will be no fear around money or panic when bills come due once I infuse you with what’s happening beneath the surface.
  • There will be no drama, torment, turmoil or confusion when a relationship seems to be getting distant and you think you’re losing someone you thought loved you. You won’t see it that way once I’m done with you.
  • There won’t be fucking crickets chirping in your business anymore because I’ve added on an extension to this environment just for business owners to prepare their mindset for any type of launch using the very technique that I have tried and tested extensively to be sure it radically shifts your experience and ability to get clients and make money – and guess what it not only does but it’ll become your secret weapon to succeeding in everything!


I am a genius at bringing out the genius in you.


Do you desire to be set free to be…



loved unconditionally





and tuned in completely to your divine well-being?

To never again need someone to tell you what you have to do to breakfree.

To never again need someone to tell you what YOU need.

To always just KNOW with confidence and peace what God is doing behind-the-scenes.

To be able to trust yourself completely!

  • To easily cultivate healthy relationships and release those toxic/manipulative ones for good.
  • To love yourself unconditionally and stop needing people and circumstances to validate you.
  • To love others unconditionally and no matter what they do being able to see them as God does.
  • To not be controlled by your circumstances and feel calm and happy no matter what is unfolding.
  • To do, be or have anything because you are now able to see the larger picture of what’s happening.
  • To live in an abundance mindset daily and release the financial stresses that hold you back from really living.
  • To set healthy boundaries so you stop allowing others to use, abuse and take advantage of you.
  • To serve your passion and purpose because you are now clear and can trust you know what you were put here to do.
  • To experience limitless joy and transcend those anxious moments so you stop experiencing depression and living in fear.
  • To feel inspired daily so you can stop waiting for things to happen to you and start creating the live you always dreamed of.
  • To bask in your own well-being and no longer live in pain (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally).
  • To create a reality you are madly in love with and stop believing you were put here to suffer, struggle and just survive.
  • To never again question what’s happening because you’ll now be fueled with the knowledge of what it all means, why it’s unfolding and how it’s all serving you.

Because with the Inner Genius Membership you’ll be infused with the lifetime tools to navigate your life with a newfound freedom that’ll replace all that past turmoil with faith and a unmistakable smile on your face!

You never again have to fear a spiritual flat tire or an unexpected deer hitting the windshield. The Inner Genius Membership will make you feel so safe and protected you can easily set your life on cruise control.

You’re now fully covered and insured!

The Inner Genius Membership

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Monthly (or Yearly) access to Amy’s teaching archives + a Secret Facebook Group. The archive database is updated frequently with new content for your eyes only.
  • Practical guidance and spiritual teachings on any area of life organized + alphabetized for you to access at any time
  • One (1) live group call per month with Amy for further clarity, insight into the teachings, ask her individual questions, allow her to walk you through personal mindset shifts in your life, relationships and business and preach on whatever God delivers to her.
  • Access to Amy’s (daily) archived written musings + her transformational private journal entry archive full of hilarious yet profound insights on life, love and business.
  • Access (at no extra cost) to membership extensions for specific needs like the Inner Genius Launch Prep Vessel for entrepreneurs to master their business mindset
  • Access to the Inner Genius Video Classroom full of live and archived video teachings, preachings, additional Q+A, guidance and wisdom from Amy herself. A great way to witness the teachings being lived and infused practically into everyday life.
  • Membership Perks, VIP discounts on mentorship, coaching, courses, trainings, custom packages, Reiki energy healing, chakra crystal healing, aura cleansing and future programs, special offers + opportunities to coach or mentor with Amy 1:1 at reduced rates
  • Step-by-step never-seen-before processes created by Amy to help you master your mindset, strengthen your vessel (body) and tap into your inner genius.
  • Access to Amy’s one-of-a-kind “PATHWAY TO SUCCESS”. A step-by-step daily routine created, practiced and revolutionized by Amy herself, to align, center, ground and balance your mind, body, soul and energy for access to daily happiness, inner peace and complete emotional freedom!
  • Journaling exercises, Amy’s personal playlists, a step-by-step meditation guide, recipes and Amy’s transformational homework assignments that will instantly shift your perception and change your outlook on life.
  • *NEW: Live monthly classes streaming on Facebook inside the membership space. (Public pays $20 per class with limited replay access. Members have unlimited class, replay access, Q+A access)
  • Group support, guidance, empowerment, motivation, inspiration + love!

One on one sessions with Amy will cost you a few hundred hourly, but with the Inner Genius Membership you get Amy’s wisdom and teachings in your backpocket for 1 full year to work at your own pace + access any time.

Monthly Investment

(Pay monthly + cancel any time)

Less than your monthly health insurance + this will heal your soul!

Monthly Membership

Annual Investment

(Pay yearly in advance + save $150)

You’re getting Yoda in your back pocket for a full year. #priceless

Annual Membership


The Inner Genius Membership covers the following:

*Relationship Issues   *Dating Issues   *Intimacy Issues   *Trust Issues   *Faith Mindset   *Boundary Issues *Manipulative Relationships   *Emotional Abuse  *Childhood Trauma   *Parenting Mindset Strategy   *Family Relationships   *Healing The Relationships To Your Mother/Father   *Love and Self Respect Issues   *God Beliefs/Mindset   *Self Love Issues   *Self Care Issues   *Self Appreciation Issues  *Fears of Failure   *Fears of Not Being Good Enough   *Divorce   *Generational Wounds   *Cheating and Infidelity   *Codependency Issues   *Money Mindset   *Business Mindset   *Fear of Being Seen   *Authenticity Issues   *People Pleasing Issues   *Spiritual Mindset Strategy   *Confidence/Self Esteem Issues   *Human Connection Mindset   *Understanding Human Behavior   *Spiritual Parenting

By signing up for the Inner Genius Membership you are agreeing to Amy Fiedler’s terms and conditionsPurchase is non-refundable for any membership option. You may cancel your membership at any time through PayPal or by emailing Please check your email upon purchase for details + access link to the membership site from

Monthly Membership
Annual Membership