3 Signs You’re Investing Your Energy Wisely

These (3) signs will show you that you’re investing your energy wisely and will help prevent emotional, mental and physical exhaustion, resentment, anger and depletion.

Whenever I feel angry or resentful of ANYTHING, I know it is a clear indication that I am low on energy. I know I cannot give anything useful that will translate to anything beneficial in my life.

The goal for each one of us is to fulfill ourselves so much that we give from an overflowing cup. Giving your last few drops from a cup that needs refilling is how most of us operate day to day.

You either don’t yet know or understand how to refill your own cup and often people won’t know until they get tired of feeling angry at receiving nothing in exchange for everything.

Energy is currency.

We exchange it all day!
What that looks like….

  • Every time you think about someone or something
  • Every time you give your time to someone or something
  • Everywhere your attention goes

These are all times you are giving away your energy. The question is, are you handing it away in need of something or are you investing it wisely?

Let’s see:
Here are (3) ways to know if you’re investing your energy wisely:

1. You Expect Nothing

When you’re in NEED of receiving, you have expectations. If you do not get what you’re expecting, you get angry and resentful of not receiving it.

When investing your energy from a place of overflow within you, you expect nothing. That does NOT mean you don’t WANT (desire) something. You just are not attached or in need of receiving it from that source at that specific point in time.

It’s important to understand that difference!

This can only happen when you are refueling your own energy and not DEPENDING on other people or things to fill you externally.


2. You Have a Sense of Emotional Freedom

When you are aware and capable of managing your emotions, you have acquired healthy coping mechanisms that leave you unattached from how others may or may not be perceiving you.

If you grew up in a co-dependent household, like myself, you were conditioned to be responsible for what others say and do. That responsibility was misplaced on you because they were not emotionally responsible and lacked healthy coping skills.

With that, you developed a behavior pattern to need. You needed a positive response to know you were loved, safe, supported, valid in what you were saying/doing. You became dependent on that response from the outside in and never learned how to give it from the inside, out.

This emotional freedom looks like you giving it from the inside, out.


3. Your Bank Account is Abundant 

As I previously stated, energy is your currency and energy outputs wherever we focus. Currency is defined as ‘money in any form when in use or circulation, as the medium of exchange.’

Therefore, a significant and tangible way to see if you are investing your energy wisely is:

  • How is your flow of money?
  • What does your bank account look like?
  • Is your debt overwhelming you?

The challenge I always had and most people still have is to truly understand this. When you accept it and discipline yourself to invest your energy (focus) where you have control (inward), the external will reflect a very hefty ROI.


Your physical, mental and emotional health are all connected. In understanding how and why they connect, you never have to question what you’re feeling or experiencing. Finding healthy ways to maintain a balance with all three areas can be difficult however through educating yourself, you’ll be able to easily find what fits best for you and your life. Take a look at this downloadable class I taught Introduction to the Mind, Body, Soul Connection which will simplify your connection to each part of you.