Calm, Collected, Quarantined

It has been nearly 8 weeks in quarantine and I have learned so much about life, relationships and myself.

Finding ways to remain calm and collected while quarantined has reminded me of the important role that mental strength plays in life for all of us. I’ve acquired a few profound insights during this time alone and I will share them below.

Here are my quarantine insights keeping me collected and calm:

1. We cannot control external circumstances. We can control how we perceive, accept, adapt, react to them.

In life and relationships, we have minimal control over what is happening around us. We cannot control other people or their life choices. There is control over our own and how we think and feel; what we do, where we go and what we say. Trying to control outside circumstances will perpetuate feelings of anxiety (a loss of control). This time has presented us all with the opportunity to build our mental muscles and begin to master the ability to see something positive beyond the negatives.

2. You can waste time resisting, arguing, fighting back against what you do not want or like. Alternatively, you can acknowledge everything is working out (for you individually) even when it does not make sense.

Seeing an opportunity for growth that can be acquired during a trying time is a gift. During a breakup, it can be easy to resist what is unfolding when you were not expecting it. When we experience an unwanted illness, its instinctual to fight back and resist it. Looking beneath the surface of what has been presented is a skill-set that you need to succeed in life! Accepting the present moment for how it looks and what it may feel like gives you peace. Adapting to what is unfolding and adjusting your perspective of it will allow you to flourish in-spite of it. This time has offered you a chance to grow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in ways that are going to benefit you down the road.

3. Time utilization is important. We have been presented a gift and some of us are not even seeing it.

How you are using this time is crucial to your mental and emotional well-being and your overall success in life. In other words, many of you were saying you didn’t have enough ‘time’ to do what you wanted to do. Many of you were complaining of a lack of energy. Additionally, you might have been stuck in an office for 8+ hour days, 40+ hour weeks which hindered you from quality time with your children and family. A lot of you were too stressed by the time you got home to want to pick up the phone and touch base with friends and loved ones. Now you have the time. Many of you have had to adapt to home-schooling, being limited in terms of where you can go and working from home however this time has presented you with more gifts shared in #4 below.

4. You are being forced to look at what you once tried to avoid.

Busy work, travel and social schedules allowed for you to avoid emotions and behaviors in yourself and others for a long time. Now you no longer can. You have to feel your feelings now. You are contained and forced to look at what has been staring you in the face the entire time..

What you might be avoiding:

  • Did you and your partner have a real bond or was it convenient to live distantly and pass like ships in the night?
  • Is there a connection with your children? Do you know how to support and communicate with them or did your work/social schedule make it easy to have an excuse to neglect those?
  • Do you feel of value or did staying too busy to feel your emotions allot you the opportunity to avoid that wound?
  • Are you comfortable being with yourself and enjoying your own company or have you spent your life distracted by other people’s stuff to even pay attention to your relationship with yourself?

Above all, this quarantine time has presented you the opportunity to heal and grow yourself but are you seeing it?

What I’ve invested my personal time doing:

  • Exploring my creativity and uncovering new talents. I bought a musical instrument, played with new recipes and learned new choreographed dances.
  • Focusing on the direction of my business. I have mapped out new programs, taken educational online classes and begun writing new books.
  • Committing to my physical health. I have increased my workouts and assured I get outside daily for 90 minutes of cardio and vitamin D.
  • Connecting with my friends and family. I have devoted my down time to calling or Face-Timing my loved ones and giving them my undivided attention, laughs and emotional connection.

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