Here are (3) steps to soothe anxiety

Naturally soothing your anxiety is something I prescribe every client learn how to do mentally and emotionally. It allows you to take power back over your life and circumstances. 

Understanding what that anxious feeling actually is comes first and then we will get into the (3) steps to soothe it.

Anxiety is an emotion brought on by confusion in your thoughts that then has us reacting to outside stuff and feeling a very deep loss of control within us. 

That ‘confusion in your thoughts’ might have been created from childhood trauma(s), unhealthy conditioning, abuse or variations of those experiences.

Therefore what happens for you in certain situations that trigger that chemical reaction is an onset of an emotion that has you in a panic, scared and believing you’re out of control. 

The holistic approach to addressing your anxiety establishes self-awareness and self-discipline. This ultimately will enhance your ability to regulate and balance your emotions rather than them being reactive to outside situations.

To get you started in building that emotional discipline, here are (3) steps to soothe your anxiety that you can practice when you feel yourself feeling anxious:

1. TAKE NOTICE: What is happening around you when you get anxious?

Noticing your immediate surroundings and if the trigger exists in the physical sense as well as in the mind is important awareness to have. This allows you to get a handle on where YOUR anxiety might be coming from.

2. PAUSE: What do you start thinking in that moment you are feeling anxious?

Begin practicing to listen to the cycle of thoughts you’re having. Not only are you now starting to build new muscles in doing this step but that means you are redirecting your default reaction that lands you in the anxiety to begin with. You also may find patterns in your thinking that will allow you to better understand that trauma that may have created this entire emotional reaction initially.

3. CLARITY: Look at the thoughts you’re having in #2 and notice how you’re putting the power in something outside of you.

Physical reactions start in our minds. We then feel the thoughts which create emotions. In feeling the emotions, we then act physically from there. So your thoughts are prompting the out of control feeling and we will always feel out of control when

A) we’re put the power outside of us and

B) when we are unclear on why that even is.

Paying attention to your thoughts and conditioning your reaction to now be a response coming from the knowledge you have about those thoughts is what will change you from feeling like anxiety controls you to you recognizing anxiety has zero control over you unless you allow it to.

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