how to attract your prefect match

We hear this question all the time on dating shows, commercials for dating websites and even amongst our group of friends at some point in our lives.

How do I attract my perfect match? What do I need to DO in order to get him/her? How do I find THE ONE?


You’ve heard these right? Do you notice any errors up there? I’ll give you a hint – I capitalized those words for a reason!

There is nothing you need to physically DO in order to attract your perfect match.

You don’t need to go on a diet, change your hairstyle or color or even buy a new wardrobe – seriously…you don’t. You just need to be YOU. The real authentic version of yourself. The best version of yourself there possibly is.

Ask yourself: What do I love to do? Then go do it.
Ask yourself: How do I love wearing my hair? Wear it that way.
Ask yourself: How do I like to have fun? Then have fun that way.

The list continues, but the point is – there is nothing to DO other than be YOU and love every single bit of who you are. The love you have for you will radiate out into the world and you will attract your vibrational match.

vibrational match Amy Fiedler

Why do I always end up with the wrong guy/girl?

Because that is your vibrational match at that point in time. If there’s something you don’t like about the people you’re attracting into your life on a romantic level, you need to start looking within yourself first. The moment you shift the internal setting, the external response will shift as well.

Amy Fiedler


And the answer to that long-standing question…How do I find THE ONE?

Well dolls, YOU ARE THE ONE! Don’t you get it. You determine what you attract. You determine the energy you vibrate out into this world. You are not searching for someone to complete you because YOU need to complete you first. If you don’t feel that way then you need to spend some time embracing you and every single freakn’ thing about YOU.

Once you do that and learn to love you, complete you and cherish you – the energy you will exude will magnetize exactly how you are feeling about yourself.

Today’s #LovingTip on my Facebook page was by Abraham-Hicks:

“You must become a vibrational match to the qualities you seek. Because what comes to you, always matches you.” – Abraham-Hicks

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