How you nourish yourself physically is directly related to how you’re nourishing yourself mentally.

For some that idea may seem rather farfetched but I’d encourage you to stay with me and hear it out.

If you pay attention to how often you eat and hydrate throughout the day, you’ll notice a pattern. That pattern is telling of how often you feed yourself good feeling thoughts. 

You see, eating and drinking is an act of love for your physical body. You are fueling it just as you would gas up your car to drive to a different location. You can’t drive your car on empty, although many have tried. You only end up not getting very far and if you do that enough over time, you start to ruin the inner workings of the car. Eventually, that car won’t move when you want it to and you’ll have to take it to a mechanic or replace it with something new.

This is a direct metaphor for your physical body. That body is the vessel in which your soul is housed. So just as you climb into the car to drive somewhere and then get stuck when you run out of gas, it goes the same for your human body as well.

How you can begin to catch onto the pattern in which you’re taking care of yourself is very easy.

  • How frequently do you hydrate and nourish yourself?
  • Do you withhold food and water because you have a story attached? (ie: It’s too late at night for me to eat or I haven’t worked hard enough today to have another meal.)
  • Do you find yourself getting dehydrated consistently?
  • Do you find you wait until you’re starving to eat?
  • Do you limit what you can and cannot have for some reason?
  • Does your physical body communicate with you a lot through hunger pangs, physical dis-ease or ailments?

Since your human vessel has a three-in-one type complex with body, mind and soul all working cohesively, knowing how each one connects and communicates its’ needs is really life-changing. Sometimes we work really hard on our minds or outputting positive words but we disregard what we’re inputting in different forms.

Continuously fueling yourself physically in intentional and healthy ways makes it a lot easier to see what’s happening mentally and emotionally that may be standing in the way of an improved life or emotional state!

Mental, emotional and physical well-being all connect. If you need further guidance in connecting those dots please don’t hesitate to reach out about ways to do that: