it’s all on purpose

Sometimes things won’t make sense…

At least not for a while.
And then one day it all suddenly clicks.

It lines up.

People who don’t even know other people help to make sense of the people they don’t even know.

Making sense?
Totally unrelated areas of your life suddenly relate.

Your mind is blown by how it all connects.

And then you just smile and laugh and go…”OHHHHHHHHHH”
Because now it all suddenly makes sense.

It was all serving a greater purpose.

ALL of it.
Even the “tragic” stuff.

Yes…all of it.

The connections and lack there of.
The make ups and break ups.
The smiles and the sobs.

All of it is connected.

But you couldn’t see it then.
You didn’t know what you know now.
You couldn’t expand your vision while IN it.
We can never really see clearly IN it.

We have to wait until we’re brought OUT of it to see what unfolded during it.

But it all adds up.

It all helped you.
It grew you.

It healed you.

And you’re stronger, wiser and better because of it.

And that’s life…
in a nutshell.

A series of events that unfold that are all benefiting us.

The good and the bad and the ugly and the heartbreaking and the unrealistic and the insane and the sad and the confusing and the exciting.

Every single f-ing bit of it was on purpose.

It was all for you.
But you assigned the meaning dolls.

You labeled it good or bad.

You said this sucks or that doesn’t.

You chose.

And that was on purpose too.

Because what and how you chose makes you realize how much healing needed to occur.
Did you see it as bad while in it?

That’s ok….you weren’t able to realize the good it was doing.

Did you see it as confusing or hard and heavy?

You chose that too.

But now that you know.
And now that you can see…
That you get to choose what it all means to you…
Why not let it be easy?

Why not learn through joy from here on out?

Program that in.

Turn that radio dial in your brain to LOVE….and let it light the way so you can clearly say next time…”I know this is helping me!”

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