the processes won’t work if you
miss this step

Loving yourself is not such a foreign concept these days.

Every which way you turn there’s someone teaching or preaching about self-love.

Although many are hearing it and trying it but don’t feel or see it working for them.

A lot of individuals are similar to me where when I began this personal development journey, it all ‘sounded nice’ to me but they were not ideas I had ever embodied and so I tried and tried to love me and did all the things to which I constantly ended up punishing me and feeling like a failure because none of it appeared to be working.

I didn’t quite understand what self-love looked and felt like.

And so when I attempted to do the meditating, journaling, affirming and you name it, I had tried it, it all seemed to fail me.

That’s because I was reading, listening and following instructions but there was one crucial component missing. I wasn’t accepting the love I was giving me.

Acceptance changes everything.

Acceptance can change the messiest of situations.

That sounds so simplistic but it’s life-changing.

Because you could tell someone you love them and show them you love them and demonstrate it over and over again but until they acknowledge and accept that love you’re giving them – it’s just words and actions to them. And that acceptance HAS TO BE a CHOICE they make for them.

It’s not about you.

So when we redirect the concept to loving ourselves you can now understand why it might feel like you’re lacking something. You are! You are missing one key step in the process. That step is the mere acknowledgement and acceptance of that which you’re doing, saying and thinking.

Accept the love you’re offering to you.

Let it be enough for you.

Allow it to be GOOD ENOUGH and deserving of you receiving it in your heart and mind as true!

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