reactions have nothing to do with it

Reactions are different than responses.

Reactions are different than expressing your feelings.

Reactions are your emotional/mental/physical response to a trigger.

A trigger = a wound.

A wound is meant to create a reaction.

But rather than REACTING you are meant to pause and feel it.

Hear it, understand it and then release it.

Then the wound is healed.
However, most humans react to wounds.

wounds Amy Fiedler

A reaction can include anything from invalidating your feelings.

To blaming you for even feeling a certain way.

To mocking, belittling, making excuses, questioning, doubting and even…EVEN….
….telling you that you shouldn’t feel that way.

Are those reactions about you?
How someone reacts to you expressing your truth and your feelings is NEVER about you.

It’s their responsibility to feel it and heal it.
The only thing you are responsible for is how you react to them.

So how are you reacting these days?

Passive aggressive?

Do you attack?

Or do you understand?
Do you put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Because here’s the thing dolls…when you share how you feel with someone…anyone…even a platform of people…
It’s nobody’s place to say, “You can’t feel that way.”

Your feelings are your truth.

And you are the reflection of whomever you’re speaking to.
resistance Amy Fiedler


So if they’re on the receiving end of your truth, you are reflecting something to them.
And if they don’t like the wound you’re poking out, they might react.
And once again…that is never about you.

But it’s never their place to say you can’t feel that way.
It’s never their place to say you’re wrong.

You’ll know they’ve faced their wounds when they can look at you and say,
“I understand and let me take some action steps to do better so you don’t ever feel that way.”
But if they can’t…it just means you’ve triggered a place they’re refusing to look at it, feel and ultimately heal.
But their resistance to their inner healing is never about you. Don’t take on a heavier load to bear.

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