The benefits of a daily routine

Establishing a mental, emotional and physical commitment to yourself and a routine that keeps you grounded is key to your health (and wealth).

When we enter into our day, we always will feel more balanced and successful if we have tended to our individual needs first.  

A lot of us attempt to roll out of bed (sometimes being jolted awake due to an undesirable alarm) and jump right into taking care of others. We think we can handle it because we’re rather tolerant of giving ourselves the bare minimum and then trying to extend outwardly above and beyond.

However, what we output we must replenish by inputting abundantly.

We have to give ourselves more than what we plan to give out that day (mentally, physically, emotionally). Having a wealth of energy, positive words and mental stamina affects everything around you physically (including your bank account).

Where most individuals struggle is they don’t feel worthy or deserving of that additional time and attention for themselves. They’re used to functioning on the bare minimum necessary for them to get through but that inadvertently leaves them exhausted, depleted, unhappy and dissatisfied, feeling as if they can never do ‘enough’ to please others or feel their best.

If you find you’re one of these many individuals who are tolerant of their lackluster emotions and just pushing through to get by, here are a few ways to self-reflect on how you can begin to adjust your feelings of unworthiness:

  • What would you suggest someone else give (gift) to themselves if they were feeling how you feel?
  • What do you really need in this moment to feel better?
  • What do you really want?

Having a sense of what you’re desiring is an important first step in taking care of yourself.

A lot of individuals who struggle with their worth believe bathing, eating and bare minimum functioning are all they deserve and want. That may be what they have been conditioned to believe they deserve from the words and actions they witnessed and heard in their upbringing.

Let’s emphasize that you cannot drive your car for 3+ hours on just a half or quarter tank of gas. You can travel much further on a full tank of gas that you continue to top off and not allow to get below empty.

When we keep attempting to drive a car a distance without the fuel to support it, the car feels the impact and starts to break-down on us. That works the same for the human body physically, mentally and emotionally!

For more on this specific topic, I offered a short free class on Facebook in my free group Simplify Your Mind where I break down the three parts of our body and help you understand the value of a daily routine and how it impacts each part. You can join that group for free by clicking here and responding to the question it asks about how you found my work with ‘on her blog’. I’ll add you in and you can watch at your leisure.

Supporting yourself isn’t something we need to do alone. Allowing those you trust to guide and support you in supporting yourself is the healthiest love you can allow into your life. If you need further guidance, please reach out and book a session for yourself so we can talk.