use it or lose it: top 3 tricks to restoring your peace

I have come to realize that when I have moments where I feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or like the world is crashing down around me, it is because I forgot my connection to Source.

Now I know you’re wondering, “But Amy, you do this for a living – how could you POSSIBLY forget your connection with the divine?”

Because I, too, have limiting beliefs.
I, too, have fears.
I have an ego.
I, too, experience upset, heartache and emotions just like anyone else.

And when I allow those factors to take precedent over me it is because I stopped letting spirit lead the way in my life and I thought I could control something ‘out there’ when really that something was controlling my emotions and putting me in turmoil.

When you turn to spirit for guidance all day long, you feel safe.

You don’t ever feel alone. Things that all of us have felt or still feel far too often. When you listen for that inner guidance you are comforted and placed immediately at peace.

Even on days when I sit down and meditate and receive guidance, if I don’t feel my way through the day staying tuned in to that higher source, I do myself a huge disservice.

Use it or lose it, is what I tell myself. And no I don’t mean you LOSE spirit if you don’t use it. You literally LOSE IT!

Your ego gets the best of you.
Your emotions run wild.
You suddenly fall back into old habits.
You start listening to those limiting beliefs.
You listen to the wrong guidance that only wants chaos and turmoil for your life rather than love and peace.
You lose your damn mind.

You f*&king LOSE IT!

Then you know what happens?

You cry.
Or scream.
Maybe panic.

Then you doubt yourself. Question your entire life. Feel like giving up. Cry some more. Then ask yourself what the f*&k you’re doing?

spiritual guidance Amy Fiedler

You have let the ego take charge. You have allowed it (yeah, I know it sucks but YOU have to take responsibility) to trick you, trigger you and distract you from truth.

So how do you find peace again?
What quick fix can bring you back to calm?

Here are my Top 3 Tricks To Restoring Your Peace:

1). Put It Down

Sit down with a notebook and start writing out anything  and everything circulating in your mind. Everything that your ego is saying to you, put it down on paper. Write it down, read it, look at it and see the lies and illusions right in front of your face. There’s something about putting it down on paper and getting it out of your mind that brings clarity to all the thoughts being brought up. You see the delusions very clearly and where there is clarity, you will always find truth. So write them down and face them all head on!


2). Smash It

This is my bonafide GO-TO remedy for releasing the lies and bullsh*t swimming around in your mind. Take an empty glass (preferably one you no longer like to drink from!) and take it outside. Stand in front of a tree. Close your eyes and imagine all the anger, fears, anxiety, worries and sh*tty emotions filling up the cup. Let the cup fill up until it’s almost overflowing, then open your eyes and SMASH IT! Throw that glass right at the tree and bust it into a million pieces – letting all your fears dissipate. Everything is energy dolls, so what you’ve imagined going into that cup and being smashed onto the ground WILL be released for good!


3). Tap Back In

Now that you’ve faced it all head on and thrown it out, it’s time to tap back into that divine connection that has never left you. Whether you want to sit with your eyes closed or simply walk outside to feel the breeze in your hair – Source is everywhere. That Divine Buzz is in those chills up your spine or that 11:11 on the clock. It’s in that random quote you scrolled past on Instagram that you felt was directed straight at you (at exactly the right time of day of course). It’s in the words from a dear friend who has no idea what’s going on but just says something synchronous out of the clear blue sky. Tap back in to all the signs, wonders and miracles floating all around you and allow it to guide you through your day. It knows where to take you, what to tell you and how you should do what you need to do. It knows everything. It’s your GPS to your life! You don’t need to control anything other than how you feel and the only way you want to feel is JOYFUL!

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