what if you could say thank you no matter what?

The very fact that you woke up this morning is proof that you still have a purpose here on Earth.

You are needed, you are wanted and your light is required.


required Amy Fiedler


Bad days will come and bad days will go – but they do not need to be perceived as “bad” if you realize that whatever took place, it needed to take place. You may not be “happy” about it because it might not have gone as you had planned.

But you did wake up this morning and you did take a breath.

So you can release your guilt and any anger that might be festering inside of you. You can let it all go now and leave it where it was because today is a fresh start. 


I used to not be able to handle a “bad” day. I used to think it was “the end of the world.” It wasn’t until I started searching for a deeper lesson in everything that I encountered that I realized there is nothing “bad” about anything that happens. That’s because everything that happens, is happening for our benefit. 

Nothing is by accident. There are no mistakes.

At times, yes – it’s hard to see that. At times we allow our emotions to run our thoughts. A lot of times those emotions, they get the best of us. But when we open our eyes in the morning and we look around, it is not our emotions doing the seeing. It is not our emotions taking it all in. We apply emotions to what we see and what we take in. But it isn’t even our emotions doing the breathing. It’s our spirit and our mind.

It’s a powerful thing when you tap into your own higher power. It’s liberating when you feel freedom no matter what takes place around you. The truth is though, it’s a conscious path and not necessarily an easy one. Our comfortable place is usually to work from our emotions. “That makes me sad” or “I’m not comfortable with that” are go-to zones that keep us trapped in an endless cycle of fear.

But what if we keep it all in perspective. Sure, not an easy thing to do. But what if instead of leading with those emotions, we lead with spiritual truth. What if no matter what went down we looked at it and said, “I know there’s a reason for that….thank you.”

It wouldn’t be easy would it? 

But you know what it would do – free you from the constraints that life is happening TO you. It’d free you from the belief that you’re a victim. It’d free you from feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders – because it’d put into perspective that you are co-creating this life of yours. It would reaffirm that there is something much bigger than all of us working on our behalf.

And it would confirm that this thing called life….it’s rigged in your favor.

Amy Fiedler

Wouldn’t you rather wake up everyday no matter WHAT and be able to say “Thank You! I know that needed to happen”? I sure would, but the choice is yours.

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