Why You Keep Repeating Patterns

That behavior pattern in your life that you dislike and want to break will get broken if you’ve decided it needs to stop.

Thing is that there’s an emotional component to everything you’re trying to overcome and emotions are layered.

In other words, you may have to experience something repeatedly (behaviorally) in order for you to awaken to your own participation in it.

Keep Reading If…

You keep repeating the same behavior patterns you say you’re sick of.

You are frustrated that another person will not change so you can feel better.

You’re angry at yourself that you keep doing the things that hurt yourself.

You ‘think’ you’re sick of your own shit but are confused on why you keep repeating it.

A lot of us lose our patience especially with ourselves. We’re seemingly nicer to our friends or loved ones when they’re coping with stuff.

But we need to extend that kindness back to ourselves during our own growth.

And more so we must understand the process of emotional and mental growth!

It’s layered.

What that means is you may experience the same situation a few times but you will always be perceiving it a bit differently.

If you’re not tuned into what you learn during each interaction you have. If you’re not aware of how each situation is connecting to what you’re trying to improve upon…

Then everything will feel repetitive and redundant in life.

When you’re ‘tuned in’ or ‘aware’ you are focused on how you have grown. You are focused on what YOU did differently or FELT differently each time.

They might act the same. But have you?

This is what mindfulness is about. You’re aware. You understand.

When you function blindly in life then you’re not taking any lessons away from your interactions or self-reflecting. Instead you’re having an experience and playing victim to it.

You….reading this…are NOT a victim.

And even if you’ve ever felt like one – you’ve survived.

So that makes you NOT a victim. You are a survivor.

And you are not powerless to anyone or anything around you.

You have control over your mind.
You have control over your words.
You have control over your thoughts.
You have control over your actions.
You have control over your feelings.

Therefore you will change the things you want to change in your own life.

But you MUST be mindful of what you’ve learned and you must have compassion when you feel you could do better.

Or you make it harder. And you should be the last person in your own life wanting to make it hard for you to thrive.


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