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SO many people come to me about relationships.

I mean that’s what I do….I fix your sh*t…especially when it comes to relationships.

Relationships with yourself.
Relationships with your partner.
Relationships with your friends.
Relationships with your spouse.
Relationships with your significant other.

Whether you’re just friends, dating, falling in love or married, I got you covered!
So I created something to help you and a lot of others at once, no matter what relationship you’re struggling with.

It’s a group coaching program tailored to your needs.

Because it’s CURATED by you!

Meaning you the client get to bring to the table whatever relationship questions, struggles, confusion you are having.

And the way this works is that your question combined with my answer will impact the entire group.
Refresh Your Love is my brand new group coaching experience!




It’s just like my Refresh Group Coaching Experience except it’s ONLY focused on love.

Love. Marriage. Dating. Sex. Relationships. Friends. 

Here’s how this works:

– You get 4 weeks with LIVE calls in a secret Facebook Group.
– You get all access to my guidance and wisdom inside the group.

– You get UNLIMITED email access to me directly.
– And you get to ask me anything about relationships and I will guide you to heal, shift and transform any situation you bring to the table.

You just need to be OPEN, WILLING and READY to receive the guidance coming through me, to you.

You get lifetime access to ALL live calls when the 4 weeks end.

You get the option of staying IN the group for an entire year for a monthly fee of $40/month.

REFRESH graphic

So Live Calls + Unlimited Amy + Group Energy + the option to stay in my coaching experience for an entire year!

No other experience like this exists.

**If you are part of my REFRESH Group Coaching Experience you can opt-in to my Refresh Your Love Experience at a lower rate.


Love. (1)

Why did I create this experience?

Because I had a mentor had my fingertips for all my love and relationship needs.
I could call her at any time and ask her anything and she’d help me shift, reframe, heal, transform whatever was unfolding in that moment.

And I needed that.

For YEARS I needed that. 

I needed that consistent guidance for whatever was tossed my way.

A lot of people cannot afford one-on-one coaching or mentorship. So I’ve designed a way to help more people with my services in one place at an affordable price where you can have my guidance, wisdom and a sacred space for you to share, ask and learn from other like-minded individuals struggling with similar wounds.

Most humans struggle the most in relationships.
It trips them up to apply the wisdom they KNOW when there is someone they love and care about in front of them.

Enter Amy.
Soul Whisperer. Spiritual MacGyver. Relationship Yoda.

We will clean up your energy, enhance your awareness, expand your wisdom and heal your shit!

You ready?


With my coaching and guidance marriages have been saved, lives have been transformed, love has been restored and relationships FLOURISH.

And if you have worked with me you can attest to the fact this doesn’t take long.

My 10+ years of spiritual training have made my approach to coaching simple, easy yet so powerful!! Clients have breakthroughs within minutes of speaking with me.

Everyone needs a leader who can provide them wisdom from a higher perspective. Someone who can give them the quick shifts they can connect with and apply to see results immediately! Everyone needs a coach they can trust, turn to and confide in.

Love. (2)

You aren’t going to end up alone.
You don’t have to give up on love.
There are amazing people in this world…we just need to help you heal so you can receive that.
Your past will not dictate your future.
Everything you have gone through has been on purpose.

LOVE is already here…it’s time to open up and see it! xo



  • 4 week group coaching experience full of instant radical shifts in your love life and all your relationships.
  • 4 (60) minute LIVE calls right in a secret Facebook Group online (1 call per week).
    • Secret means no one knows you’re in the group.
    • No one can see your posts except group members.
    • No one can search for the group or locate it.
  • LIVE Q+A during every call
    • Refresh Your Love is a client curated experience. Meaning: I answer, guide and coach whatever you bring to the table.
    • No outlines.
    • No homework.
    • Full client interactive experience.
  • Access to replays of all coaching calls in Facebook Group.
  • Unlimited email access to ask me additional questions.
  • Refresh Your Love group member support, guidance and love
  • Option to stay in the Refresh Your Love coaching experience for a continuous monthly fee ($40/month) following your 4 week refresher. (see below)


OPTIONAL: Following your 4-week love refresher, you now have the option of extending your Refresh Your Love experience on a monthly basis for $40/month for up to 1 year.

  • This gives you access to additional calls every week.
  • Access to new Refresh Your Love members and experiences.
  • Ability to cancel your monthly access at anytime you choose.





Payment Plan:
(7) biweekly payments of $99

Refresh Group Member Opt In Price: