So what the f*ck is an energy leak?

It’s a thought, action, feeling that isn’t serving you. We all have them and often we aren’t aware of a lot of them. More times than not if you’ve been on this spiritual path for quite some time, you’ve worked through some heavy sh*t but leaks will pop up from time to time and having some guidance, wisdom and support to get you through them is exactly why I created The Refresh Experience.

Have you done one-on-one coaching before and feel like you pretty much know yourself and understand how to navigate through things in life?

Are you a coach and don’t necessarily want to hire someone for the big bucks to tell you a lot of stuff you already know but you DO want a mentor to turn to from time to time when sh*t comes up?

Have you been on your spiritual journey for a while and just want quick and practical ways to work through your stuff so you stay in the flow?

Then REFRESH is for you!

This is a group coaching experience for men and women seeking support and guidance to work through those energy leaks that will always emerge as we elevate, up-level and grow in life, relationships and business.

This experience is for those with experience.
It’s for men and women who have a solid foundation of spirituality and don’t need the one-on-one attention.
And it’s for those souls looking for advanced ways to understand themselves deeper and work through their wounds quicker each time they arise!

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New Testimonials 2016

Clients leave me after just one session having witnessed breakthroughs and miracles in just one hour together.

It is my goal to help, coach, guide and mentor as many people as I can in this world and it is my soul purpose and mission to make sure you know that you never have to suffer, struggle or feel alone.

It is my passion to be a light for you.

With my spiritual mentoring in this group coaching environment, I will answer your LIVE fast-paced questions to give you the quick tips and radical shifts you need to instantly change any experience you are having in your life.


Refresh is a small group coaching experience for 10 men and women who:

  • Need a quick spiritual refresher for their mind, body and soul.
  • Want practical tips, wisdom, guidance and mind-blowing tricks to instantly shift their energy, heal their wounds and radically change any situation in their life.
  • Want a coaching experience in a group setting for added support.
  • Need a quick pick-me-up but don’t need the one-on-one individual attention from a coach.
  • Want the added impact of the group energy for inspiration, motivation and empowerment.

Refresh group members have:

  • Worked with a life coach or mentor before and are well along their spiritual journey.
  • Are not looking for homework, assignments and individual attention.
  • Are eager to get inspired, empowered and learn new and exciting ways to instantly shift any area of their life.


The Refresh experience is like having Yoda in your back pocket.

New Testimonials 2016 (1)

New Testimonials 2016 (2)

Your Refresh experience will include anything from:

  • How do I instantly shift my energy?
  • How do I find my spiritual lesson in this situation?
  • Help me understand why (this) just happened?
  • Why do I keep repeating this pattern?
  • How do I grow my business and attract clients?
  • How do I change my money mindset?
  • How do I attract healthier relationships?
  • Quick tips on 
    • Staying balanced
    • Tuning in and meditating
    • Shifting your energy
    • Trusting your intuition
    • Loving yourself
    • Creating healthy boundaries
    • Honoring yourself
    • Manifesting
    • Dating + relationships
    • Marriage
    • Parenting
    • Being sensitive (empath)
    • Living your best life!
    • + so much more!


The REFRESH Experience begins November 1, 2016 and ends November 30, 2016


  • 4 Weeks with 4 LIVE calls
  • Secret Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to all call replays.
  • Group support, empowerment, motivation, inspiration + love!
  • Option to remain in Refresh at the end of 4 weeks for a small $30 monthly fee with all the same benefits!




OPTIONAL: Following your 4-week refresher, you now have the option of extending your Refresh experience on a monthly basis for $30/month for up to 1 year from it’s launch (Refresh expires in June 2017).

  • This gives you access to additional calls every week.
  • Access to new Refresh members and experiences.
  • Ability to cancel your monthly access at anytime you choose.







Payment Plan Available (below):
(4) monthly payments of $200


Refresh Group Coaching Experience Payment Plan
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $200.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 3) $200.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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New Testimonials 2016 (2)

New Testimonials 2016