What Does It Mean To Connect With Yourself?

2016-12-31T16:42:19-05:00May 7th, 2015|Radical Shifts|

what does it mean to connect with yourself? Most people don't understand what connecting with themselves means. It means learning to just be. To be that version of you that far too many hide from the outside world. That YOU that makes stupid jokes and talks to themselves when no one is around. The you [...]

Radical Shifts Towards Miraculous Healing!

2014-11-21T21:34:18-05:00November 21st, 2014|Blog, Get Inspired|

We hear the word "miracle" tossed around quite often but do we all actually know what a miracle really is? A miracle is the healing of your mind. The undoing of the separation you created (yes, you) in your mind by believing that something other than being whole, happy, healthy, peaceful, loving and prosperous existed. [...]

Ask Yourself…Have I Shared My Story?

2014-11-13T17:16:17-05:00November 13th, 2014|Blog, Words of Wisdom|

Today ask yourself this one question. What big lesson could people learn from my life? Have you shared your story? Have you shared your struggle? We are here to share, love and give. You may think it's "nobody's business" but there are millions of people out there that can be impacted by your wisdom, your lessons, your struggle. What [...]