Are you tired of being taken advantage of? Are you sick of feeling like you’re at the mercy of everyone and everything? These are just some feelings in a long list of others that I felt for more than half my life. I felt like I always had to say yes because if I said no then I was “mean” or “bitchy”. I felt like I had no voice, no power and no respect.

And then finally I got tired of feeling that way. I got tired of being hurt and stepped on. I got tired of my heart being broken and feeling used and abused. So I did something about it! I learned how to set boundaries, really fucking good ones and I practiced maintaining them in all areas of my life.


In this webinar I teach you exactly how to do the same in life and love! You will learn:

* How to set boundaries with family/friends/children/lovers/in business
* How to enforce boundaries
* How to know when you NEED boundaries
* How to handle individuals who break your boundaries and so much more!

PLUS: For those who made it LIVE, I answer all your questions at the end!

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