See…I used to think life was planned out around what I HAD to do.
But then I learned that you actually NEED to be planning YOUR LIFE out around what you WANT to do.

That probably goes against everything you were ever taught.
And I’m totally ok with that.
You should be too!
If you’ve been scraping by feeling exhausted and drained because of everything you feel like you have to do then you’re accepting the bare minimum for your life. And you deserve FAR MORE than the bare minimum.
[tweetthis] And you deserve FAR MORE than the bare minimum.[/tweetthis]

You deserve EVERYTHING.
So first I want you to realize you’ve been accepting less than you deserve and today it’s time to knock that sh*t off.

Recognize that your desires are your NON-NEGOTIABLES.
It’s the sh*t that lights you up!

The things that bring you joy, make you smile and feel FREE!
The things that hold special meaning, make you feel nourished, excited, needed, wanted and inspired.

A Non-negotiable is something you MUST HAVE in your life.
And today you are going to start planning your life around THOSE.

Because your happiness comes first.

Plan your life...

And the secret to HAPPINESS dolls is not searching for it OUT THERE….it’s lighting yourself up in HERE (in your heart, your mind, your soul) then it all shows up out there.
If you’ve been searching for the right JOB to make you happy…you’re doing it backwards.

That goes the same for relationships, friendships and even chasing money.

We have a habit of chasing down things or people we think will make us happy and getting mad or resentful when the happiness doesn’t come OR WORSE…it arrives and leaves just as quickly. Happiness must START on the inside then it reflects on the outside!
[tweetthis]Happiness must START on the inside then it reflects on the outside![/tweetthis]

How can you get happiness out there if you don’t actually know what makes you happy?
So you’re kind of just waiting for life to surprise you.
And the funniest part about that is life ALWAYS WILL surprise you…but then leave you wondering what went wrong.

What went wrong is you didn’t get it right within you first. You didn’t set your non-negotiables.

And no I don’t just mean, “I want a good-looking guy/girl” or “I want a lot of money” or “I want to be respected.”
It’s more like this:
“I want _______ BECAUSE it makes me feel good and when I feel good I’m confident and when I’m confident I can perform my job better or be a better friend/partner/lover.”

Why is it a non-negotiable.
For me I want time to meditate everyday because it provides me peace and wisdom and clarity and when I’m clear I can serve my clients from a higher capacity and vibration.
For me I want green juice every week because it makes me glow and when I glow I feel good and when I feel good I can help others feel good too!
For me I want a consistent flow of money because it allows me to feel safe and secure and supported and that allows me to feel confident to expand my business which helps heal people’s lives.

Determine your non-negotiables for your life. Find your why. Support your why with love and support. Then let life crack wide open for you!