There is a reason.

Why?…that’s often a question we ask ourselves.
Why did this happen.
Why did this HAVE to happen.
Why do I feel this way.
Why was that said.
Why did I do that.
Why do I keep doing this.
Why do I always feel this way.
Why do I keep thinking about that.I was the queen of WHY.
Drove myself crazy for years asking why about everything.
I came up with questions about my questions.
Until I learned that the why will always reveal itself when I stop forcing it out of hiding.
So let me save you a couple years of mental torture and heartache…
STOP ASKING WHY.Start saying, “There is a reason.”And get this…that reason WILL reveal itself to you.
You don’t even need to search for it. It’ll click when it’s ready to…at the most perfect time where you’ll be able to see it clearly and understand it fully.

This little mantra literally changed my life.
Repeat it daily after everything….you can thank me later.

There is a reason.
There is a reason.
There is a reason!

It'll click when it's ready the most perfect time where you'll be able to see it clearly and understand it fully.It’s all helping you. It’s all growing you. It’s all bettering you. It’s all healing you. It’s all strengthening you. It’s all benefiting you. It’s all teaching you exactly what you need to know to get you where you desire to go.
There is a reason for it all. 
But often we have a hard time seeing it…or worse, when we’re in these life moments and emotionally charged, we don’t even think about the fact it’s happening for a reason. In fact, we only think about what is happening before our eyes. We get caught up in the fog instead of climbing the mountain a little higher to see the bigger picture from above.

It’s all teaching you something!

So let go of the why (because I literally just answered it for you).Leave the questions alone and let it be easy.

Your mind will complicate every single thing that unfolds in your life from the people to the relationships to the conversations to the arguments. But YOU need to CHOOSE to let it be easy. Know there’s a reason and let go of everything else.

Know why?

Because what you let go of comes back to you like a boomerang.
So whatever you intentionally release WILL return to you in due time.
And you will be ready for it, you will recognize it and you will be open to what it’s revealing to you.
These 4 little words are magic. With anything happening in your life just repeat to yourself, “There is a reason” and let the Universe do the heavy lifting while you let it be easy.