I always wanted freedom yet I always felt stuck. Freedom gives you the ability to do what you love to do and not worry about anything other than the pure joy of doing it.
Since college I’ve always worked unconventional jobs.
I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Photography but went right into fashion and wardrobe styling in NYC. When the commute from NJ got exhausting I became a Nanny and started my own clothing company.
Typical 9-5’s just didn’t do it for me. I needed something new and different everyday and I craved the challenge of doing it on my own.
I ran my clothing company for about 5-6 years. I achieved a lot of wonderful things through it. When money got tight I got a hired as a paid Entertainment Blogger. But nothing I was doing ever stuck. Nothing I was doing truly lit me up…I kept craving more.
I kept thinking I needed to have a “job” job…a “real job” to pay for my passions. I thought the only way my clothing company would work is if I kept another job on the side. Wrong mindset.
When I finally found my calling as a spiritual mentor and coach, dissolved my clothing business and felt the passion light up inside of me…I still had that old mindset popping up. That this wouldn’t succeed like the rest of what I’ve tried to do.
For me freedom = money and I never seemed to have enough.
Then I literally had Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Course pop up right in my face. I glanced and read the posts about it, but passed as we all do when we see things that appear “too good to be true,” yet it wouldn’t leave me alone. I knew something had to change and the one thing I never tried over all these years was to actually ask someone to help me understand WHY I felt blocked. I am big on the WHY.
So I took a leap, invested in the course and in the first week it changed my life. Clients just came calling consistently, opportunities showed up unexpectedly…I didn’t go searching like I did in the….it came to me! I want you to have this freedom too!
My income tripled in two short weeks because this course helped me understand and remove my financial blocks. It gave me the lifetime tools to be able to shift my money mindset from lack to abundance. This didn’t just work with money either…it trickled into attracting my ideal clients and other business opportunities!
Money started showing up in my PayPal account and I had no idea where it came from (and still don’t). It just appeared and that’s because money is equal to your self-worth and when you remove some blocks and start truly valuing yourself…magical sh*t unfolds. 
When I say magical I mean I received refund checks in the mail for refunds I don’t even understand. I had read the positive reviews prior to signing up for the course how people were suddenly manifesting $10,000 in a matter of a week and even though my fears were all, “Yeah right,” my heart was like, “YES YES YES YOU CAN DO IT TOO!”
Amanda’s Money Mentality Makeover Course literally changed my life. I don’t use the word “life-changing” loosely but this was! I’m so honored I have an opportunity to share with you my story AND offer you something incredible: You have a chance to sign up right now for the Money Mentality Makeover and receive $200 OFF for the early bird special. If you sign up before Friday at midnight (1/22/16) you get $200 OFF the entire course.
Now here’s where it gets better:
For anyone who signs up using my link, you’ll be receiving $400 in FREE BONUSES directly from me! Dying to work with me one-on-one and couldn’t swing it before? Well I did you one better….I got you the money course for a small investment AND ME FOR FREE! My Bonuses are:
  • 3 one-on-one life coaching sessions (90 minutes each via Skype/Phone) with me to work on ANY area of your life. That’s right I work with men and women who are seeking radical change. Struggling in relationships? I got you. Trouble with fear, anxiety, depression? I got you. Want to improve your health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? I’m on it. Need help in love, self-love, self-worth, improving your confidence, self-esteem, body image? I’m your girl. The list goes on! I’m an expert at providing you an understanding of WHY it’s all happening and how you can shift it into what you desire it to be! I am known as the spiritual macgyver of practical spirituality. I can give you an instant shift for ANYTHING happening in your life that you don’t like!
  • You’re also receiving my most popular Reiki energy healing package. My Heal, Balance, Cleanse Reiki package will remove all negative blocks energetically, detox, relax, revive, heal and restore your mind, body and soul! Energy healing coupled with life coaching is INSANELY POWERFUL!!

Valued at $400 and you get it for FREE!

Now I’m not one to leave this out: The Money Course at $200 OFF (early bird by Friday). That means your investment in yourself would only be $647 or 6 biweekly payments of $123. Sign up after Friday and it’s $847 or 6 bi weekly payments of $157.

That’s less than two credit cards or a car payment. (just putting it in perspective for you!) PS – You’re worth it!

How’s that for mind-blowing! I earned my investment back 5 days into the course. If I didn’t say it’s worth it yet…I think you get the picture!