Life is about to open up for you…can you feel it? You may need to get out of the way a little bit. I had to this morning. You may need to just accept where you’re at and know that’s SO MUCH BETTER than resisting where you’re at. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re resisting it until we wake up (like I did) and drop into a deep prayer and in the middle of talking to God it all suddenly clicks that in your constant thoughts of, “I want this, NOT this right now” you’re actually keeping what you have (and don’t want) around a whole lot longer.

Woahh right! Yeah, you’ve been getting in alignment and stating your desires. Yeah, you’ve been working the energy to go in the right direction BUT you’ve actually been plugging up the entire process for God by simply (and anxiously) saying, “I can’t take this anymore, ” or “I want it to change NOW.” Instead…sit back and say, “I may not truly want this but obviously it’s for a reason so it’s OK.” If you can’t muster up a thank-you to the Universe for whatever it is you don’t actually want but have to deal with right now…you can at least give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you feel by saying, “It’s OK.”

“It’s OK” has been creating miracles in my life lately. It’s OK provides you with the gentleness and compassion your spirit needs to just be OK with whatever it is you’re feeling…good or bad. I said the other day how hard on myself I am and something that ‘It’s OK’ provides for me is a reminder that I’m not actually doing anything wrong even though what I desire hasn’t shown up yet. That was powerful, wasn’t it? Just because it hasn’t shown up yet doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. It doesn’t mean you need to fix something….it just simply hasn’t shown up; it’s not the right time yet. But it will be soon so chill out and feel whatever you feel because it’s totally OK to feel it and get OK with what IS right now in your life because the minute you do…it’ll shift into what you want it to be. It always does! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I accept what is because it's helping me transition to where I desire to be.