You know how when you start to believe something you always get caught off guard with a sudden doubt or fear? How you finally muster up the courage to start believing in something you desire and then negativity tries to knock you out? That’s a good thing.

Yeah…I know what you’re thinking but listen: That fear that is coming up is a directional showing you where you need to do more work. It’s SO good. Sure…I, too used to think it was bad like, “Ok really…I finally start feeling good and then BOOM you hit me with another negative thought…WTF.” But then I realized it’s good…it’s a positive and that’s because it’s only coming up to point you where you need to love more.

So perhaps you start telling yourself you’re going to do something or build something or become more of something but then the thought arises, “But how?” Sure that’s a legit question to a desire brewing but as I always say…the details aren’t your business, you’re just supposed to believe it can happen. Those questions are handled for us by God and the Universe. So when those thoughts come up you can now look at it and say to yourself, “Ok well I’m still doubting this is even possible so that’s where I need to do my work.” And now rather than freaking out and feeding your fear or spiraling downward asking yourself where, when, how…you can turn it all around and up your confidence and trust and say to yourself, “Why the hell can’t that happen for me!” Whatever you have to tell yourself to get back into the feel good feeling of it coming is what you do. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it quite yet….affirm it enough and you will. Look when you were a kid, 2 + 2 APPEARED to be an impossible feat at one point or another. But the more we were told to practice it, the easier it became. Now we look at it and don’t even bother thinking because it’s such a natural response to say “4”. It goes the same with telling yourself the truth. We need to practice and practice until it becomes so natural and easy we don’t even have to think we just KNOW it to be true. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I determine my truth by what I choose to believe is possible for me. I have the power. I decide.