I can’t stress enough how much intention, flow and kindness radically change everything in your life. When you’re so caught up in what’s happening around you and not happening to you or for you…something funky happens to your energy. You start to worry and freak out a little even if you don’t necessarily feel like you are.

Maybe externally you appear calm but on the inside you feel pressure and like you need to do more or work harder or be more of something to accomplish something. That forceful feeling that is pulling you externally is a key sign to not force anything. That pull to do more is a red flag to stop what you’re doing and take a break. Hit the pause button and take a damn timeout. I’ve said this many times and that’s that the work is always done internally first, then the external manifestation appears. I’ve been the person before working extra long hours and days just to make something happen and nothing happens at all. Then you get mad at yourself and disappointed that you “wasted” time working on things and seeing no results. I used to own a clothing company and that’s exactly what happened to me; I worked day and night and nothing stuck. Nowadays I still work really hard but it doesn’t feel like work. I spend a lot of time caring for myself and fulfilling my needs before promoting or selling anything.

The reason? It aligns my energy with my desires. Taking care of myself first allows me to coach, mentor and guide all the people that I do. I need to give to me before I am able to give to anyone else. And giving to me means feeding my spirit. So maybe I need more sleep one day or maybe I need more motion and body movement the next. Maybe today I needed less technology and more meditation but tomorrow I need to go out and have some fun and try something new. Your spirit is craving things and guiding you constantly. Listen and don’t ignore because whatever you’ve been asking for will show up sooner once you intentionally align with the internal flow first. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I feed my spirit what it craves, my desires flow to me effortlessly.