Listen dolls..people like real. People want to know you’re human. I used to try to be perfect and I felt like I was stuck in a glass box. There were parts of me I always tried to hide. Eventually it got so tiring (like SO tiring) to hide certain parts and mold myself in other things around other people or even just withhold bits of me in certain environments that one day I just said, “F&CK IT!”

I tried so hard to be the best, look the best, prove I’m smart and successful that the harder I tried, the harder I failed. Sure “fail” is a harsh term but I was failing…I was failing at showing who I really was. I knew I was because the me that my family or close friends would often see – the goofy, entertaining, brilliant and gorgeous girl that always knew what she wanted and went after it didn’t show up in public places. She was scared to. She feared rejection and criticism and everything else under the sun. But something inside of me BURNED to be let out. I would say over and over to myself, “Why can’t I act like this around them or him or just in public?” I had no answer but I knew something was dying to come out. It took me getting tired…physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually exhausted of putting on a show to finally let it all go, let my guard down and not give a sh*t what anyone thought. I wasn’t getting very far anyhow because I still felt rejected being this “perfect” version of me all over the place.

Being vulnerable makes you strong. I thought being perfect made me appear strong but that’s such a lie. Vulnerability is sexy. Showing ALL those parts of who you are is magnetic. When I often get asked how I attract clients to my coaching I tell people I just be myself. Because that’s all I’m doing – I share my heart with you all, I let you know my struggles or past struggles and then I show you how I get through them. I let you see me makeup-less or in pajamas and I show you that I’m not the perfect yogi. Point is THAT energy is attractive. People like to know you’re real. It doesn’t matter whether you run a business or you’re looking for a future spouse…be YOU. Show you’re human and let your quirks shine through. It’s those precious little gems that we often contain inside that make us stand out as one-of-a-kind. You are irreplaceable and unforgettable…there is no one like you. So please know that no matter what you have going on in your life…you fit a mold NO ONE ELSE can replace! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am the sexiest at being me. My vulnerability magnetizes everything I need.