I always struggled with sorting the thoughts in my head. I would get overwhelmed with the positives and negatives and why every time I had some positives flowing then I’d get pummeled with negatives. I battled this for a long time through high school and college and after. And then one day I decided no more.

I made a decision I wasn’t going to let my thoughts control me…I was going to take control over my thoughts. That I had a choice this entire time to be at the mercy of them or they can be at the mercy of me. I kept playing victim to thoughts I was creating – how insane does that sound? And yet…that’s what all of us do. We fall victim to our own thoughts. We feel suffocated and attacked by our own minds. Well I really want that to change for you because trust me when I say I KNOW how it feels to live that way and yet had I not let it go on so long, I wouldn’t be able to teach this way.

So the next time a negative thought arises please tell yourself, “This is good!” Because it IS good. It’s good because the only reason negatives emerge are when you’ve dipped your foot outside of your comfort zone. The minute you start taking a step forward…BOOM, negative thoughts! If you stay in that comfort zone then you’re still going to feel very uncomfortable and sad because you’re allowing yourself to stay complacent and small rather than grow, expand and become all that you are meant to be. So negatives actually are good dolls! Sure you have free will choice over how you perceive them but if you want to take your power back and not let them rule your life this is how! Shifting your energy into confessing that the negative is actually a positive does something spectacular for your mind, body and soul. It allows you to move forward and release all that quicker. It let’s you elevate with ease and grace while maintaining your faith. I have negatives pop up every single day and that’s because every single day I am choosing to step outside of my comfort zone and become a better version or myself. You will rarely see me affected by them though because I shout and celebrate when they try to attack me. I know when they pop up I just had a breakthrough! I know I just got one giant step closer to what I desire in my heart and they’re just like the highway signs telling me the exit to my desire is 1/4 mile down the way. Just scream YESSSS…I’m almost there! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I see every negative as the positive I need to get me closer to where I desire to be.