Everyone you meet is helping you. Every single person you encounter has been placed there and chosen by you spiritually to aid in your own growth and healing. Yes…even the ones that you don’t get along with. Yes…even the ones you get angry with. Yes…even the ones that are no longer a part of your life for one reason or another. Every single one of them was/is helping you.

So if you feel so obliged at this moment…you might want to muster up a thank you. Just speak it to yourself while thinking of them. They were there in your life for a purpose. You benefited from them in some way, shape or form even if you haven’t realized it yet. And here’s what I want you to know: All those experiences you had, are having and will soon have…were good. They were ALL good. Even if they didn’t feel good. Even if they didn’t appear good. Even if they ended not so good – they were all still good.

Why? They helped you learn something. They taught you to know your worth and honor yourself. They taught you that you are of high value in this world. They taught you that you deserve more. They taught you that you are able. They showed you that you can do whatever you put your mind to. They demonstrated that your vibe attracts your tribe. They showed you that you don’t need to settle. They taught you how to have faith and not second guess. They guided you back home to yourself. Everyone in your world…everyone you will soon encounter is all helping you come right back home. Helping you to learn more about you in all these mysterious and magical ways but in the end….you can look back and say, “Thank you. Without you I would have never realized what I’m made of. Without you I would have never stood up for myself. Without you I would have never gone after my dream. Without that experience I would have never learned how to trust myself,” and the list goes on. Everyone you meet you’re helping too so be grateful for the experiences because you’re benefiting them and they’re all benefiting you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am thankful for everyone I meet. They are all directing me back home to me.