Do you know the secret to getting in the flow and allowing miracles to unfold? Start accepting and stop resisting. Start allowing and stop negating. Be gentle with yourself instead of punishing yourself for what you didn’t know then that you know now. 

We are much more kind to others when they’re struggling or suffering than we are to ourselves. It’s easier that way. We are hard on ourselves…some of us more so than others and we actually don’t even realize we are until we wonder why we feel so sad or tired or stressed or anxious. Because you’re essentially beating yourself up…mentally, emotionally, spiritually and you WILL feel it physically. You are only competing with yourself in this game of life and you better start being your own cheerleader rather than your own personal enemy.

They are both equally as powerful as the other and it’s just a matter of you consciously deciding to love yourself, be kind. gentle and compassionate with yourself or get angry, mad, frustrated and slam it into your brain that you made a mistake or should be further along than you are. Let me break this down for you real quick to shut your inner hater up: You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. You couldn’t possibly be any further along on your journey than you are right now. It’s right on time. Tell that inner child in you that it’s ok to worry and fear and stress…that you understand why they’re scared but everything is going to be OK because you are fully supported always by God and the entire Universe working everything out in your favor. You can’t f&ck this up. The mistakes that have happened and will keep happening…needed to happen to get you to this place. Had they not happened you would have zero wisdom. And guess what…that very wisdom that you’re punishing yourself for earning (and learning) is exactly what you are going to NEED when your desire arrives. So start flowing dolls…it’s all necessary and it’s all helping you but you won’t ever see it until you start being kind to you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am exactly where I'm supposed to be gaining the wisdom I need for when my desires arrive for me.