You can never make the wrong decision AS LONG AS you learn from your every decision. Please reread that….slowly. You can’t f&ck this up. I’ve said that many times before. Nothing you do f&cks it up because every “mistake” needs to happen in order for you to learn…in order for your soul to grow. 

So let me straighten this out for you right now: Any mistake you made was necessary. Does it mean that it sucks….sure if you choose to see it that way. Does it mean you can FIX your mistake? Only if you’ve learned from it. See you can FIX any mistake you’ve made IF you’ve chosen to learn the lesson it was meant to teach you. Woah…that was heavy wasn’t it? Did you learn is the question not “did you f&ck up”? You can’t learn sh*t unless you do it the wrong way at least once. But if you keep choosing to do it the “wrong” way (that’s the way that doesn’t feel good) then you are choosing to repeat your mistakes…thus choosing to show God you didn’t learn….and letting God know that he needs to keep testing you because you haven’t quite gotten it yet.

Did you get that? Has that shaken your spirit or blown your mind a bit? This is a test…only a test and once passed it won’t repeat. It’s really that simple. But if you keep saying, “F&ck this test…I’m doing it the same way I always have” then prepare yourself for the same results or worse each time. However if you take that mistake that didn’t feel good and you look at it…just for a few minutes and you ask yourself where it got you and if it got you any closer to what you truly desire in your heart and the answer is NO….why keep doing it? Why not do the opposite? Look at what you’ve done before, see how it didn’t work, take a cold hard look at where it got you and then ask for some strength to try again and THIS TIME go above and beyond. This time go over the top and believe that with the simple intention of doing better, you will receive better. Isn’t that how it always works! When I make up my mind to do better….I act better, think better and in turn I always receive amazing things! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am stronger, wiser and getting better every day!