You have grown…can you feel it? You’re different than you were a day ago. You’re completely different than you were a week, month or two years ago. Your life is ever-evolving and your awareness is always expanding. You are always growing closer to yourself by the hour.

That means that your relationship with yourself is deeper than it ever was in this very moment. There’s no possible way it couldn’t be. If you don’t feel it is that’s because you’re simply not paying attention to it. Your relationship with yourself is what dictates all other areas of your life. When you love you then you will see love in all that you do. If you truly love you then you will always find love in others too. This works in reverse as well and sadly that’s what a large chunk of the world suffers from – self hatred.

You don’t have to be me and do what I do to witness it. Walk into a grocery store and look at how people interact. Go to a mall right before a holiday and you’ll really get a taste of it. There’s no excuse ever for any of us to treat each other with hatred and yet if you understand spirituality you’ll know that “hatred” is simply coming from a place of fear. Fear only exists in the unknown, so simply put: They’re lacking some awareness somewhere in their life. So how do you engage and interact with those living in a place of fear? The same way you would interact with those living from a place of love dolls….you lead with love. That doesn’t mean you’re always going to get it right but if the intention is there then you’ll always win and if you keep leading with that intention then you’ll keep growing and evolving and expanding your awareness for all that you are within! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am aware of my love.