When you wake up and your miracle hasn’t appeared yet…

…your desire isn’t in tangible form yet….
…your manifestation isn’t obvious yet.

When you wake up and it seems like the same old day in all the same ways and you go searching for what you can do/say/think differently…  STOP.

When you don’t see what you desire to have yet and you start questioning what you’re doing wrong…STOP.

Because your mind believes that if it’s not visible yet you’re doing something wrong…you must be right? It’s not there. So why not change some things up and try harder and do better….eventually you’ll get it right, you think to yourself.


Can you believe that all is well in that moment?
Can you remain in faith that everything is always working out for you even though you don’t yet see it?
Can you believe what you’ve done/thought/said/believed was enough?

Standing firm in your belief that everything is always working out for you...
Can you smile and know it’s coming?
I dare you to try.
Just try.
Give it a go and watch how your peace overrides that need to alter your approach. Watch how you standing firm in your belief that everything is always working out for you and is always exactly how it should be will put that fear of NOT DOING ENOUGH or BEING ENOUGH to rest.

And it is my promise that if you do that…your manifestation will arrive sooner. Maybe even today if you can just stop believing you’re not enough and have to change your ways to make it come your way.

You are enough. Just believe it’s already on its way…it’s days like this where we get in our own way when really that manifestation is seconds away!