We create illusions and entertain them for a while.
That’s life.Illusions = fears, doubts, uncertainties, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, worries.
They’re a waste of our time..
Let me explain why:
Our illusions are like shadow monsters on the wall.
When you were young the shadows probably spooked you at times.
For me it was the shadows of the doorknobs on my closet…I always thought they were ET’s eyes.
Our imaginations can run wild.
In real life these shadow monsters = our own personal fears + limiting beliefs in the real world.
Things like:
“I’m not good enough”
“She’s prettier”
“He’s smarter”
“I’ll never be able to do that”
“I’m stupid”
“What if the other shoe drops”
Just to name a few.WE actually believe these things and seek out evidence in our life experience to make it true.
But it’s not true…it’s just all in our imagination…like the shadow monsters on the wall.These fears and limiting beliefs aren’t real but we still engage and interact with them.
We listen to what they have to say.
We honestly tell ourselves and believe that we aren’t worthy, good enough or gonna succeed.
We write that script and follow it until it exhausts us.We basically play pretend WITH OURSELVES and assign everyone in our life a role to help prove these ridiculous thoughts to be true.

“I’m not smart enough and that’s why I didn’t get hired.”
“I’m not pretty enough and that’s why he didn’t ask me out.”
“I’m not good enough at anything that’s why I always fail.”

The truth always feels good. (1)

But see even though we’re busy in our own personal LaLa Lands entertaining these ridiculous thoughts…the real world doesn’t change.
When we assign people, experiences, objects the role of shadow monster…they have no idea.
They don’t know they’re starring in your weird movie full of everything you have convinced yourself is true about you. (and it’s never true…this sh*t you keep telling yourself IS NOT true).

But while we play pretend with our fears…real life keeps happening.

The good news is the TRUTH always stays the same regardless of what’s happening in your mind. The truth is always simple and pure and never convoluted or scary.The truth is that you are a magnificent and powerful being. You are smart and abundant and successful in all that you do.

[tweetthis]The truth always feels good. [/tweetthis]

Negative and Positive have equal power dolls.
You get to choose to believe one or the other.
One always feels better though (positive) AND even if you don’t believe it right now…you will as long as you choose to follow that script everyday and not the one where you play with weird f&cking shadow monsters.The minute you choose positive is the minute the light shines into the room and all the shadows disappear. Then you realize there wasn’t anything scary there all along. So…The truth was waiting all along….

[tweetthis]The truth comes when u realize fears just needed to be looked at differently with the lights on.[/tweetthis]

So let the light in and know that the minute you choose to think a new thought, you change your mind and change your life.
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