When you surrender to ‘what is’ something takes over you and releases all those obsessing thoughts about what didn’t happen or hasn’t happened. Surrendering for some reason brings you right back to the present moment, plops you down with a high-vibing energy that almost makes you feel like you’re floating through your day.

That happened to me today. Even when I tried to worry about something (old habit), it’s like God blocked the worries from rising in my mind. It was amazing to maneuver through my day feeling this energy pumping through me without a full understanding of what was actually happening and a total appreciation for what is. Gratitude was at an all-time high and even more so as I type this because you recognize how special these moments are. They’re special because none of us humans feel this consistent floaty feeling everyday. We strive and learn tools and techniques to shift back there as frequently as possible but being human means you are always going to encounter fears. So when you feel the floaty feeling of freedom…f&cking run with it!

I did. I even sat and basked in it for a while. You never know how long it’ll linger because you really never know what God has planned for you. My next lesson might start tomorrow and I’ll have this beautiful imprint of my free-flowing day so I can navigate through it and get back to center quicker each time. So what’s my point in sharing all about this? Because sometimes it’s just f&cking comforting to know it’s possible for you too. It never made me feel better when people would tell me while I was struggling that others are struggling too, but for some unknown reason it ALWAYS makes us feel better when we see someone who has been in the trenches struggling at some point pull out of it and come through. I try to keep it real with you…always. I’ve been there. We never stop learning but I’ve been there in dark places searching for meaning and wondering why I feel like the exception to the rule all the time. I’ve felt it and no our paths are always going to differ (that’s God’s way) but we learn and heal in very similar ways. So if you feel the floaty feeling…run with it dolls and if you feel like it’s nowhere in site…it’s coming; it’s right around the bend and truly all it takes is you saying, “No matter what I will be OK” in order to get there too! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I float through my day with ease and grace when I surrender the thoughts that I'm not OK.