You are everything you desire to be. No, really…you’re there already. Like you have it, you own it, it’s in you, you are it. None of what you want is actually outside of you – if it were then you’d never be able to access the thought that sparks the desire to have it.

We can only think the thoughts that are contained within us. We’re either replaying old sh*t or tapping into our soul-driven desires that are just waiting to come out. I’ve always felt desires burning deep inside of me from a young age and I’m sure you have too. You thought you had to do things or learn things to become or receive whatever it is you were desiring but THAT’S NOT TRUE. You will see it appear the minute you start recognizing it’s already there.

Yes…I know that’s a hard concept to grasp so let’s go further here: You aren’t seeing it OUT THERE because you don’t actually believe it’s possible yet. You don’t believe you’re smart enough or successful enough or rich enough; whatever it is you don’t believe it can be and so it won’t be…it’s truly that simple. But tap into that place within you that KNOWS how able you are. Feel the desire burning within you and just tell yourself, “It’s mine!” That feels good, right? Now keep telling yourself that. Stop focusing your mind on it missing from your existence because the more you do that….the longer you’re going to wait to see it. Start focusing your mind on it being there already. Focus on how good that feels. Deliberately direct your mind to having it and as you do the more real it’ll feel because it’s actually already there you’re just waiting for the vision outside of you to appear. Basically…your mind is a projector screen shooting the movie of your life out on the big screen in front of you. The projector can’t project any image until you believe it to be true…otherwise that frame stays black until the image of what you desire fills it in. Keep focusing on it missing and all you’ll see is it missing. Focus on it being there and watch how that sh*t shows right up! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am everything I need to be for my desires to show up in front of me.