Everything is on purpose. The amount of time it took to meet the person of your dreams or get the job you always wanted. The time it took to break that bad habit or travel to that place you always wanted to go. That time served a purpose for your growth. Had any of those things happened one second sooner than you wouldn’t be where you’re at right now.

And ok…for argument sake perhaps you aren’t exactly where you want to be. That’s fine because this time right now is teaching you something. It’s providing you an experience. That experience will eventually click into wisdom. It may not happen overnight or even a week or month from now but eventually at the right time, it’ll make sense to you. You’ll piece it all together when it decides to reveal itself and you’ll chuckle at just how perfectly it all fits together.

That happened to me while taking a shower tonight. A lot of stuff clicked and I laughed and shed a tear of happiness. Then as I talked it out to myself I realized just how perfectly it all worked out for me. Stuff that I had felt sh*tty about years ago now looks beautiful to me. Things I was ashamed of I am now very thankful for. I didn’t force this nor was I searching for it. Things click when they’re ready to click. Experiences happen and you live through them and learn a lot from them but often it takes months or years for that stuff to marinate and seep into your soul and then at an awkward time on a random day (perhaps while in the shower) suddenly it pops into your mind and you smile really big and say, “WOW I can’t believe I felt like that then but now I get it….I so get how this was all helping me get here to this moment right now.” So don’t you dare worry about what is unfolding before your eyes in life this very moment…it’s serving a purpose. Don’t worry about figuring it all out…trust it is and know it’ll click at the perfect time on the perfect day in the right way that’ll make you say, “Thank you!” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My experiences serve a purpose that is always benefiting me!