I’ve adapted a new way of living. An easier way of being. Instead of questioning every thought that’s good or bad, I just listen. Instead of wondering why I’m fearful, I just let the feeling chill inside of me and here’s why: I decided to fire the voice inside of me that was resisting everything happening in me and around me. I decided this life is between me and God and all my heavenly support and they got me so no matter what I’m feeling; I’m good!

Letting go and letting yourself just be as you are is an indescribable experience. Why? Because sometimes we think we’ve let go and haven’t. By letting go I mean releasing your resistance to the present moment. I mean welcoming in whatever God sends your way and accepting that whatever arrives is FOR you, not against you and in your Highest Good. Perhaps the present moment is showing you how you’ve elevated your vibration and now are magnetizing people and situations that serve you. Perhaps it’s shining a light on some areas within you that need more love and healing. Maybe it’s pointing a giant arrow in the direction where a breakthrough is. The problem we encounter as humans…no matter how evolved we are or not is that we can easily get caught up in life’s questions rather than merely accepting the gift presented to us in each moment.

This is profound so listen: When you woke up this morning you maybe had a general idea of what would unfold but you couldn’t determine each thought that rose into your mind or every single thing you were going to feel. But all those thoughts and feelings are JUST AS important as the people and experiences you encountered today. Those thoughts and feelings are helping you heal and grow and transform into the best you possible. But are you paying attention and accepting it or ignoring and avoiding it? Are you getting mad when a negative thought rises up or looking at it gently and understanding it’s purpose? Stop resisting what God is sending you…even the sh*t that triggers those beautiful thoughts and feelings because it’s within THOSE that miracles live and breakthroughs occur. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I live my life purposely present accepting the gifts that come my way!