Nothing is outside of you. We like to make it that way but it’s just simply not the case. Everything you experience around you is coming from somewhere within you…..the good, the bad and the ugly. That means you’re in control of it all because it’s all being created in your mind.

But here’s the thing: We often try really hard to shift what is unfolding around us by shifting what is within us in connection to what we want changed. Meaning that we’re focused solely on the external. Problem with that is you’re attaching a shift to an outcome. You’re focusing your attention on the inward in connection to the outward RATHER THAN the inward in connection to YOU. You see…it has to be for you, to you and by you. 

Go ahead….read it over, I know it’s a tongue twister. Yes…shifting the inward always results in an outward shift but NOT when you’re deliberating working on the one with the focus on the other. You need to focus on the inward shifts because they benefit you, otherwise you delay the actual external shift because you just get in your own way. You are doing this FOR you and that’s it – and that is what you need to remember. You can’t have an ulterior motive…it needs to be because it’s improving you, serving you and making you feel good. I’ve caught myself many times before trying to work on internal shifts and noticing how more of my attention was outside of myself and on the outcome rather than how I was actually feeling. It wasn’t until I decided I was doing it FOR ME and because it made me a better version of myself…that the internal shift was able to happen (and happen that much easier mind you) and then like f&cking magic…the external shift simply unfolds. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My life unfolds beautifully when I focus on feeling good for me.