Why is it that sometimes we know better but don’t often do better? Why is it that even when we know what the lesson is, we let the teacher distract us. We allow who the lesson is being taught through to throw us off course. Yet this is normal, because we’re human and sh*t happens like that…meaning we forget…a lot of stuff….quite often.

But get this…you weren’t meant to remember yet if you keep forgetting. Ha…how’s that for wisdom! You will remember when you’re meant to remember – there’s that whole compassion and forgiveness thing for you. Forgive yourself for forgetting and be gentle on yourself for the “mistake”. That “mistake” was necessary to really instill the lesson. Look: If I keep answering question #2 with C, but the answer is actually B…after receiving my test back telling me that B is the right answer over and over again, eventually I will get it to sink in.

We need “mistakes” in order to teach. Had I not encountered many mistakes along my journey, I wouldn’t be able to coach so well. Teaching comes from experience and yet so does learning. Just know that when you finally master the lesson…a new one will appear – it always does…maybe by the same teacher or a new one. So don’t rush your sh*t…because you truly don’t know what or how hard the next one will be (nor do you know how many buttons the next teacher will push). It’s like when I rushed through my first semester of Freshmen German back in college and got bumped up into the Senior level class. Freshmen German was for beginners and even though I was advanced and “thought” I needed to be in a harder class…once I got there I wanted back into the beginner class. Senior level German was ALL IN GERMAN (like absolutely NO English). Had I known that prior to rushing through my first semester and begging to get bumped up…I probably would have just rolled with the punches. But I was in a hurry and felt like I was advanced until I got with the advanced students then guess what happened? I struggled. I struggled so much I nearly failed the class. Had I not tried to rush my progress and force my growth…I would have allowed myself to let the beginner stuff marinate longer so I could excel in the advanced class. Instead…I nearly failed it. The same goes for life dolls: Stop rushing it and definitely don’t force it. Life is happening on time and at the correct speed chosen for you and your growth. Let it happen and let it be easy…I promise you that if you do, you won’t just master the lessons…you’ll ace every single test. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I flow where I'm divinely led to go. I let it be easy and allow it to happen for me.