All you have to do is show up everyday and be you. Speak your truth from your point of view. People aren’t always going to approve or support and that is ok. I used to get offended and take things personally but when you go from working in fashion and entertainment to running your own business…you build some really thick skin. You learn that it’s not always about you….actually more times than not it’s really never about you even if it’s directed at you.

Listen it’s important to know that your light is unique and it is needed here. Some will shy away from it or even get begrudge it but it is still needed here. Only your light can shine away the shadows in certain people’s lives. Only your light is able to touch certain lives in a specific way. Stop comparing yours to others and don’t let those uncomfortable with your light affect you – because their discomfort is not about you. It’s a natural human occurrence that we sit and stare and get jealous over what someone else is doing. It’s normal for us to look at someone else’s life and get mad at that person for the good happening for them. But when you do that you block your own blessings. You tell God and the Universe, “No I don’t want that, please don’t send it my way!”

Bet you never thought of it that way did you? When you get mad or bitter or even petty about the blessings bestowed upon another….you’re sending out a sign that says please don’t send that my way. You’re blocking it. You’re shoving it in another direction. But if you realize how damn special and unique you are and that there’s MORE THAN ENOUGH to go around for everyone…then you’ll see there’s no reason to ever be jealous. More than enough money. More than enough friends. More than enough opportunities. More than enough clients. More than enough miracles! You’re mad, bitter, angry and jealous for the mere fact that you believe there isn’t enough for everyone. Well I used to think that way too but guess what new babies are born everyday, new money is printed everyday, new opportunities unfold every second, miracles happen daily. That limiting and irrational thought could be….might be….probably is holding you back from some limitless opportunities, blessings and miracles. So do yourself a favor right now….show up everyday being strictly you. When you feel a nudge to compare…smile instead and say to yourself that the good you see in them is also in you. The stuff that bothers you about them….is stuff you need to work through and the quickest way to do that is recognize that there is ONLY ONE VERSION OF YOU. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

It is my divine duty to show up everyday with only the intention of being authentically me.