I’m a fixer.

My name is Amy and I like to fix sh*t.
I fix people, energy, minds, bodies and souls for a living and sometimes that makes problems in my real human life.

Here’s why:
Because outside of my coaching environment…it’s not my “job” to fix.
It’s not yours either.

They aren't your problem!

SO funny story…

I’ve always known this about me and it’s become one of those things I seem to get amnesia around at times.
Like I’ve learned my lesson of not trying to help fix things for people outside of the space I hold in a coaching environment BUT it often slips my mind.

It really depends on the person….but I will forget I’m not supposed to help them.
I will even ignore the fact they aren’t even asking for my help. 
I EVEN go as far as playing savior like they need me and I’ve learned this so just stand still so I shake this sh*t into you and change your life forever.

But what the f&ck was I trying to prove?

And who I was trying to prove it to?
The answer is myself.
I know I’m good at what I do.
Your souls speak to me and I can’t help it.

People wonder how I know sh*t about them they’ve never shared.
Because your soul told me. #soulwhisperer

So in all my fixing I’ve hindered myself.
And some of you may be too.

We suck up people’s problems or engage in them with good intentions only to leak our energy and waste time on someone who by FREE WILL is choosing to not learn.

If they want help they’ll ask dolls.
BUT sometimes when you’re in a relationship or marriage or close with your family you see them struggle and want to help.
Because maybe you FEEL their pain like I do.
I get it. It’s ok and it makes it difficult but guess what…

They aren’t your problem.

Now I know that sounds super harsh.
But I’m also super blunt.

They have free will. 
Doesn’t matter who they are in your life…they get the free will to choose whether they want to heal or not.

So if you’re here with me you’re choosing in some capacity to heal and work on your sh*t.
And maybe they aren’t and yet you can see all their wounds and if they’d JUST let you explain what you know or show them how to change their thoughts they’d feel better.

But they aren’t your problem!

If they want help...they'll ask.

Protect your energy.
Stay vibing high.

Don’t leak it trying to engage in someone’s chosen sh*t.

Even when you care.
Even when you love them.

The ONLY way to help them heal…
Is to work on healing you first.
And by the grace of God your energy gets infused into their heart.

It’s how it works.
As you rise…they rise.
It won’t be on your time but I’m giving you the shortcut here…focus on YOU.

Because in life we lead with energy.

We lead by example.
I’m AMAZING at explaining this stuff but I’ve tried to teach people around me and close to me who aren’t choosing to heal and I only end up frustrated, annoyed and resentful.

Why? Because I know how amazing life is if they took my advice and applied it but they’re refusing to.

So it’s like I’m waving millions of dollars in front of their face and they’re turning their head and walking away.

Maybe they don’t want the million.
They’re ALLOWED to not want the million.
You feel me?

It’s THEIR choice.
And your life is YOUR choice.

Choose for you and those who are meant to be around you will follow suit.
Choosing to try to fix those not asking is only a form of self-sabotage.
It’s a creative way of dimming your light.

Go shine and light the way so they can shine too.

But remember if you try to EXPLAIN how to shine…
If you even put your mind on how they COULD shine…
If you leak your energy wondering when they WILL shine…
It’ll take longer for them to shine too.
So focus on you.
And let them live.

Eventually everything comes full circle.
But it’s not on your shoulders to figure out how or when or why.
Just worry about making yourself feel good…

And eventually they’ll have no choice but to feel good too!