You are OK. You are more than OK. You are better than OK. You are exactly where you should be. Your mind is thinking the right thoughts and your mouth is speaking the right words. Don’t question that. We all need a good reminder once in awhile that we’re doing OK and doing the “right” things and we haven’t f&cked anything up with a dash of negativity that sneaks up from time to time.

Nope…you f&cked nothing up. Everything is unfolding beautifully. You are right where you should be at. Any speed bumps you hit recently were necessary. They helped you…even if you don’t see it yet. See…I’m a recovering perfectionist. Could be a lifelong battle…who knows but the point is I am aware of it. I know I am hard on myself and I know I am way more gentle with clients, friends, family, strangers than I am with me. That can do more harm than good though because the minute you THINK you aren’t doing something RIGHT you panic then punish then that spirals into a sh*tload of feelings….none of which serve you.

So whether you’re a perfectionist like me or perhaps you’re just full of doubt and fear…know that whatever happened…needed to happen. Whatever you’re thinking about…has to be thought about, otherwise it wouldn’t have emerged in your mind. Whatever you did, needed to be done and had to happen the exact way it did. It was all on purpose – always remember that it is ALL on purpose and it’s perfectly perfect and divinely orchestrated from the curse words you shout, to the tears you cry, to the worries that emerge, to the breakthroughs had and the smile on your face. ALL OF IT! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am exactly where I should be.