Every trigger is an opportunity to redirect back to love. Every obstacle is a chance to snuggle up closer to your power and truth. I used to look at it all in the opposite light but when I flipped my perception it changed my entire life. Now when I bump up against fear or a roadblock or a letdown, I choose to see it as good. I choose to say Thank You and look at it as a sign that I’ve made progress towards my desires.

Let me explain: I was trained energetically. I was taught spirituality using God and energy. So God was positive energy for and the Devil is negative energy. Nowadays we often say fear (ego) or love (spirit). These are ALL the same things. I was trained to understand negative energy and how it operates. I learned that yes we always want to move closer to love but REMEMBER that as you begin to let go of the old fears they will try to cling and that’s when you need to wise up and know how to discern between what’s for you and what’s against you.

Most humans without the wisdom and a keen eye will easily feed into an obstacle that arises as they begin to make progress. Trust me….I won the medal of Number 1 Fear Feeder back in the day. I would let EVERYTHING upset me even though I often knew better. So it’s my purpose now to show you all the way of living on a different plane. Part of learning how to do that is recognizing that what often is unfolding before your eyes that confuses you, upsets you or makes you want to freak out and try to control it…that’s negative energy. That’s happening because you’ve made progress towards the positive and the negative is all, “Hey….don’t forget about me, come back!” And there it goes throwing out some roadblocks and trying to tempt you. All it takes is you looking at that damn roadblock, listening to it and letting it upset you for you to get a little stuck. But if you walk around it, step over it or laugh at it as it pops up…you’ve just elevated yourself a little bit higher and further away from negativity popping up again. Mind you it’ll never stop (it’s important to know that) BUT you WILL learn how to easily navigate around it without being phased at all. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am free from fear when I recognize every obstacle is a way to move me closer to love.