Gratitude is a high vibe emotion. Can you find something to be thankful for right this moment? If not….what about yesterday or the day before? What about the fact you’re alive right now reading this? What about the fact you can even read? What about the fact you even have a computer? Or internet service? Or a phone? Or wifi? ….get my point? See how that sh*t just keeps rolling.
Try it…it’s worth it. Amazing things happen when you do because you get that energy flying high and that’s like a gigantic magnet for blessings and desires to show up on your doorstep! Sometimes we look at our lives and think, “Well I still don’t have that exact thing I want,” but we often overlook the fact that we have everything we need…MORE than we need – you just have to look for it. Pay attention to what you receive today. Be mindful of the words spoken to you. Those special surprises don’t always happen all the time and sometimes we harp more on the bad sh*t and totally miss all the good sh*t. But we’re real quick to notice there’s “no good sh*t” when bad sh*t goes down…right?
I know that’s what I used to do. I’d totally overlook a blessing I’d been asking for and yet completely pay attention to something that happened that I didn’t like. Don’t we all do that sometimes? Focus on the bad and totally miss the good. Or receive the good and not celebrate it as we should. We finally get all that we’ve been asking for and we fear getting excited because we think if we show too much excitement we’ll lose it or the other shoe will drop. Listen dolls…I learned recently in a money course I’ve been taking to celebrate everything. You’d think it’d be common sense and for me it always has been in certain areas of my life but the areas I tend to struggle with I notice I’m more cautious about celebrating and I know the same holds true for you. Fear does that to people. We get scared to get excited when we deserve to be excited. Well guess what…when you get f&cking excited more sh*t to get excited about happens. Yup…just like that. Like attracts like. High vibes attract more high vibes. So maybe take a page from my notebook and dance it out every time something awesome unfolds. I do a happy dance. I sing a song. I make my dog dance with me. I do whatever I get an urge to do in that moment to celebrate life’s blessings flowing my way! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:
I am blessed and highly favored. Life keeps sending me...