You have complete control over your mind. You really do. I know it doesn’t always feel that way but you do. However…sometimes thoughts emerge that we don’t actually like and they usually pop up when we’re in a good place or trying to move into an even better frame of mind and I often get asked by clients why does that happen. Why do the negative thoughts ALWAYS pop up when we’re heading to happy town?

To trick you. A lot of people don’t like to discuss the negative side of energy mostly due to the fact that perhaps if we don’t address it….it doesn’t exist. Not true. To understand it gives you power over it and rather than be caught by surprise…you will be ten steps ahead of what I like to call “reality”. See…YES we want love and light. Yes we all want to choose to lead with loving eyes and an open heart but we are all in a human body and with that human body comes some positive sh*t and negative sh*t. It just is what it is. That’s the reason we are here in human form…to learn and grow and expand and we can’t learn sh*t without contrast.

You with me? So here’s the deal: There’s always going to be positive and negative. It’s law. But you don’t need to let the negative have power over you, your mind, mood, thoughts, words, actions. You get to choose…that’s called free will. So when you CHOOSE to shift towards a happier life, mindset, thought process, etc….you need to know that good old negative energy is going to pop up. Why? Because you’re releasing it and it doesn’t want to be released. Why? Because then it loses power. Why? Because the less power negativity has, the more love and light and sh*t to go around. Why doesn’t negativity want love and light to be everywhere? Because then it won’t exist. What happens if it doesn’t exist? Lesson complete. People evolved. Human form not needed. Heaven on earth. Point is…what you become aware of cannot have power over you…it simply can’t. So the next time you fear taking a step out of your comfort zone or a leap of faith…expect it and then laugh at it and keep moving. It’s your choice whether it holds you back or not…I’d choose to let it go! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I effortlessly float past my fears knowing they only appear when my breakthrough is here!