Often we think we have it figured out but we don’t. Why do we even try is the real question. Life is always happening in such a way that is benefiting our highest good and yet we question it’s ever detail or try to plan out how we think it should go. Yet our minds aren’t as limitless as Gods. And I keep reminding you that we’re sitting on ground level while he’s got an aerial view.

See here’s the important thing to remember….the doors of communication need to stay open between you and God. I mean technically speaking they’re ALWAYS open on God’s end but sometimes we shut it down on ours because we are stubborn or simply don’t want to hear it. Get this…when you go to a waterpark and climb the stairs to the largest water slide, you will see one lifeguard at the top and one hanging out in the landing pool below. These two lifeguards are communicating. One looks down to make sure it’s clear on the slide and the other radios, hand signals or whistles up to the other to let them know the pool is clear. Otherwise without that communication one is going to be sending people sliding down and they’re all going to crash into each other below.  That’s only going to be one giant clusterf&ck of a problem in the pool resulting in injury, anger and a whole lot of frustration.

It’s the same when dealing with God dolls. You need to communicate your desires otherwise you’re just going to be bumping into sh*t and getting mad when it doesn’t look how you wanted it to. Well…you kind of have to let the guy up top know what you want coming down that slide…otherwise he’s just going to send you what he THINKS you want. And guess where he gets those ideas from? Oh…just all your “idle” thoughts, feelings, words and actions, that’s all. See we are deliberate creators and even when you THINK you’re not creating, you are. You’re asking for sh*t all day believe it or not even when  you’re not actually asking. So the next time you start letting some random thoughts cross your mind…pause and ask yourself if that’s actually what you WANT in your life. It might not be…you might be dwelling on some old sh*t or rehashing something that doesn’t feel good. STOP and redirect back to feeling good so what comes down that slide next is exactly what you desire it to be and more! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am only asking for what I desire to see.