Sometimes we think we know but we don’t. Sometimes we try to understand but we can’t. Sometimes we believe as hard as we can but it seems like it’s for no reason at all. Life isn’t always going to unravel perfectly and it’s not meant to. You wouldn’t want it to be that way because where’s the adventure in perfection? Life is a mystery and it’s our purpose to allow the pieces to present themselves and fit together in their own time.

You are not meant to figure it all out. Better yet…stop trying. You are not supposed to have it all together…otherwise you wouldn’t be learning or growing or living. It’s supposed to be messy and glorious and interesting. It’s supposed to unfold in magical and strange ways. It’s supposed to not all make sense to you. It’s supposed to be just like this.

Your journey is where the beauty lies. Your journey is for teaching purposes. It’s not about the destination and we all forget that sometimes. We want to get there and get there now…but what about here and now? What about this moment right now? What about what’s unfolding that doesn’t make any sense at all before your eyes? Enjoy that. Enjoy that present moment where nothing seems to make sense till later. Embrace the unraveling of the path to get you to these destinations because in case you haven’t noticed yet…you’re arriving at new destinations every single day, you’re simply overlooking them. Isn’t that what living in gratitude means? Be grateful for the moment that is because this moment right now dolls contains something you once asked for and without appreciating it, it’ll pass you right by. How can that big magical stuff arrive when you don’t give thanks for each small step getting you there? Because it’s those small steps you’ll remember. It’ll be those that you look back on and laugh at and learn from. It’ll be those that contain the memories…not the big finale with the grand prize. No…sure we get excited when we finish a race….but don’t you enjoy basking in the memories and telling stories about what happened before you crossed the finish line? That’s where the best stuff unfolds! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for the magic contained in this moment right now!