Life isn’t happening to you…it’s SET UP for you. It’s supporting you wherever you are and whatever you do. The problem you have in not noticing it at times is you’re stuck on the fact that you need to do it all yourself. That you need to work hard and seek out all the ways to make your dreams come true.

Can I break this down for you? It’s not your job. The map is already set and there’s a lot of different roads to travel that’ll carry you to your destination. But guess who has the map? God. And guess how you access it? Tune in. Ask for help and let yourself be helped. Ask for support and allow it to arrive. Ask for guidance and pay attention when it’s unfolding before your eyes. 

You have not been forgotten. You aren’t left out and there are no lucky ones. You’re not stupid and there isn’t anything you’re missing. We’re all equal here and the only difference between you right now where you are and the you that you desire to be is a state of mind. You’re busy focusing on what you see and not where you want to be. You are stuck on what is unfolding in your reality rather than recognizing what is unfolding is actually helping you and teaching you on how you can get to where you desire to be. Making sense? Listen and feel. Let yourself just be. Sometimes that’s all you need in order to access that innate wisdom that provides you the details that’ll really take you to where you want to be! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am accepting this moment for all the wisdom it provides.