Everything is divinely timed. When we learn something. When we encounter someone. When we achieve something. When we think something. When sh*t just clicks. It’s ALL timed out for us. So when you sit there and think to yourself, “I SHOULD know this by now,” just f&cking stop…if you SHOULD have then you WOULD have and that’s it.

No more shoulds in your vocab please. If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen exactly when it’s supposed to happen and that is all you need to know. If it hasn’t happened yet then stay tuned because it will happen at the most perfect time where you can really enjoy, honor and appreciate it for all that it is and how far you’ve come. Stop wondering if you’ll ever get there. Stop thinking about how much further you need to go. Stop pondering why it’s taken you so long to get this far and why you didn’t learn what you know now sooner.

Enough! You are right on time. IT is right on time. It’s ALL ON TIME. Need a reminder? Ask God for one: “Please remind me I’m right where I need to be right now,” then step back and watch him work. You are fine and everything is divinely on time dolls. Don’t worry. Don’t panic. Don’t question. Be where you’re at and LOVE where you’re at and know that the moment you fully accept and embrace where you’re at is the moment what you’ve been desiring shows up just to say, “Hey…I heard you are finally enjoying the present moment and that was the key to unlocking the future so HERE I AM!” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:Everything is fine and divinely on time!


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