You never have to follow the crowd. In fact…I strongly encourage you not to. I used to think, at least in business that there was a “right” way and a “wrong” way. There’s no way but YOUR way. That’s the authentic way. That’s the way that’s easy FOR YOU because it’s true TO YOU. It’s WHO YOU ARE.

Authenticity is simply being WHO YOU ARE. Being who you are is the easiest path you can take and it’s the one that all this sh*t happening in your life is leading you back to. Yes…reread that last sentence! Every single thing happening is happening FOR you to lead you back TO YOU; to help you rediscover WHO YOU ARE. To help you know your value and worth. To help you understand how strong you are. To make you realize you have a unique gift. To help you see that there are no comparisons needed in life simply because there will only ever be one you.

So there’s no specific way to do anything, only the way that best serves you. There’s no better way to dress or act or talk or work or play because it only matters what brings you the most joy. Then you know what happens? By being true to you, you attract people into your life that love you because they SEE who you really are. And by being who you really are, you give them permission to be who they really are and feel more comfortable and confident doing it. If you followed the crowd, you’d lose yourself and search for yourself in everyone else. But by simply doing whatever it is that makes you smile, laugh and brings you incredible joy…you light the way for everyone else to do the same. And what would a world full of authentic souls feel like? Heaven on Earth…that’s what! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

It's easy for me to find my joy when I simply be me.