Life is always going to throw you curveballs…question is, how are you going to navigate them? Life is never going to be predictable…and you don’t want it any other way. Life is always going to test your strength, patience, willpower and faith…so what will you turn to when it does?

If you think that figuring out all these life lessons and spiritual stuff is going to make life easier…think again. It can do the opposite at times simply because you see things differently and understand why things are happening or people are acting certain ways. That leads you to the feeling of wanting to make everyone understand why things are happening and it just doesn’t work that way. What this spiritual path does for you is makes you stronger and wiser and teaches you to constantly rise above the melodrama that we all see as “real life”. It teaches you to turn to a higher power…God, Source, the Universe or whatever other name you have for it to give you strength and get you through.

So then when life throws you a curveball you can easily see it for what it is and walk right around it. When someone tests your patience or stirs your peace, you can choose in that moment to hand your power over to them and their sh*t or keep it, maintain it and strengthen it right in that very moment. We all get tested…today I was. I went for my scheduled Biopsy as I’ve been sharing with you all on social media and a Biopsy did not happen. The doctor couldn’t do it in the office because of it’s location and ordered me an Ultrasound Guided Biopsy instead for later this week. I started to let what was happening around me affect me and then I chose to rise above and go with it. Then I was tested as others close to me let it affect them and wanted how they were affected to affect me. Again I chose to rise above. Did I freak out…no. Did I cry…sure it was overwhelming. Did I vent and confide in some people…of course, I’m human but mostly I spoke to God. Did I let it ruin my day…absolutely not. Did I maintain my calm through it all…better than I ever have. Was I proud of how I handled it…100%. And that dolls is all that matters every day. Were you proud of you? Did you choose for you? Were you compassionate towards yourself when you needed it most? If you can say yes to all three of those questions, then you’re living life from a higher place! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I rise above and always see love.