Every perceived roadblock is actually God redirecting you. When you feel like you hit a brick wall it’s just an illusion. It only feels hard and heavy because of your attachment to THAT way and THAT outcome. But stay a little more open and you’ll realize that if you walk to the left of the brick wall, you’ll find a wipe open doorway with the lights on calling your name.

That’s how God works dolls. See we want things our way and God allows us to try for a while but then we bump up against something….something that doesn’t want to budge. And then we question God and wonder why he won’t help us move it. We even ask if he’ll move it for us…since he’s mighty and powerful. But God sits and watches us…testing us if you will to see where our faith is at. So we keep pushing and trying and coming up with ways to climb over or walk around this thing that seems to be blocking us but nothing seems to work. In the meantime God has already concocted another plan….a more beautiful plan for you. He’s just waiting for your legs to get tired so he can flash a vision of it across the big screen and show you that all hope is NOT lost.

And when he does you pause for a second and think, “Wow…so you weren’t really throwing obstacles my way…I was just getting in my own way by doubting your plan.” You sit and ponder how you could have missed the obvious fact that God can see the aerial view of all the inner workings of your life. And here you are standing on solid ground, looking that obstacle right in the face wondering what you’re missing. The only thing you’re missing is your faith! See that faith connects you to that larger vision. It taps you into that aerial view. It’s the direct line to God himself who can whisper you the shortcut in 1 second flat. See dolls…God doesn’t make things happen sometimes…he lets things happen so you can learn that you don’t NEED to rely on your own strength and power. That you have the all mighty power of the entire Universe at your fingertips always looking out for you if you just call it’s name and say, “Show me the way!” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am protected. I am loved. I am always guided from above!